Excel Beginner’s Guide: Introduction to Excel – Lesson 1


Making changes to workspace

While working in Excel you may need to make changes to workspace as well. Like hiding or showing gridlines, headings, formula bar, to show/hide ribbon or to zoom-in or out for better readability. For this we have two specific tabs i.e. Page layout and View.

Page layout tab options are more specific to prints that you will get. For example if you need to change overall font family, change margins of the page, orientation, customize print area or insert page break.

Excel Tutorial – Ctrl P is Power in Control (Printing)

View tab options are more specific to what you see on screen. In simple words the changes you make in this tab are won’t affect your print results and are only visible on-screen. Following are some of the tutorials to give you head start:
One minute Excel Tutorial – Freeze Panes
One minute Excel Tutorial – Split Margins / Split Window / Split Screen / Split View
One minute Excel Tutorial – Multiple Windows / Side by Side view