40+ Excel navigational shortcuts to make accounting job super efficient

With the advent of user interface we are able to use mouse and other input devices. But when it comes to speed, efficiency and productivity keyboard is still EXCELlent above anything else i.e. K is for Keyboard like K is for King. While working in excel we often have to navigate like clicking ribbon, switching windows, opening and closing sheets, scrolling up and down. However, excel comes loaded with navigational shortcuts that can make accountant’s work super efficient.

We have hand picked 40+ navigational shortcuts for everyday excel users that they must not miss. We have arranged them in an order that will help you memorize equally fast. So here you go friends learn these shortcuts and become an excel navigator! 

Pointers can do more than just pointing!

Directional KeysDescription
ArrowUPMoves one cell (row) up
ArrowDownMoves one cell (row) down
ArrowLeftMoves one cell (column) right
ArrowRIGHTMoves one cell (column) left
Ctrl+ArrowUPMoves to next region above
Ctrl+ArrowDOWNMoves to next region below
Ctrl+ArrowLEFTMoves to next region on left
Ctrl+ArrowRIGHTMoves to next region on right
ScrollLockON+ArrowUPScrolls worksheet up
ScrollLockON+ArrowDOWNScrolls worksheet down
ScrollLockON+ArrowRIGHTScrolls worksheet right
ScrollLockON+ArrowLEFTScrolls worksheet left

Who knew function keys can function in excel?

Function KeysDescription
F6Next pane on the workbook
Shift+F6Previous pane on the workbook
Ctrl+F6Next workbook (if open any)
Ctrl+Shift+F6Previous workbook (if open any)
Alt+F6Switch to VBA window (if open)
Ctrl+F9Minimizes current workbook/window
Ctrl+F10Maximizes selected workbook/window
Shift+F11 / Ctrl+NNew worksheet / New workbook
Ctrl+F10Maximizes selected workbook

These keys are too good to ignore

Tab / Backspace / EnterDescription
Ctrl+BackspaceScrolls back to active cell on the worksheet
Ctrl+TabSwitch next window
Ctrl+Shift+TabSwitch previous window
TabMoves one cell (column) right
Shift+TabMoves one cell (column) left
EnterMoves one cell (row) down
Shift+EnterMoves one cell (row) up
Ctrl+EnterCompletes editing without moving
Ctrl+EndMoves to the bottom right row of last (last cell) of the
region on worksheet
Ctrl+HomeMoves to the start of the worksheet (Cell A1)
HomeMoves to the first cell of active row
Ctrl+.Cycles through corners of selected range

Its not just about page!

PageUP / PageDOWNDescription
Alt+PageUPMoves one screen left
Alt+PageDOWNMoves one screen right
Ctrl+ PageUPSwitch to next worksheet
Ctrl+PageDOWNSwitch to previous worksheet
PageUPMoves one screen up
PageDOWNMoves one screen down

The END -button!

End ModeDescription
End mode on > ArrowDOWNMoves to next filled cell below (end of region down)
End mode on > ArrowUPMoves to next filled cell above (end of region above)
End mode on > ArrowLEFTMoves to next filled cell on the left (end of region left)
End mode on> ArrowRIGHTMoves to next filled cell on the right (end of region right)


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