Excel Variance Chart

excel variance chart v2

Excel chart that clearly shows the planned/budgeted figures and how actual figures stack up against them. Clearly showing the favourable and unfavorable variance in green and red with appropriate legend including an arrow for clear understanding at first glance

Excel Top/Bottom “N” Values Chart

top bottom 9

With form controls this chart dynamically switches between Top N and Bottom N values. With full control on how many values to plot, this chart can take your Excel dashboards to next level

Excel charts with Conditional Background

cond back 1

A unique approach to Excel charts that change their color based on the overall trend. Excel don’t have builtin feature that renders conditional charts like conditional format. But this approach, with no VBA or other gimmicks involved, is the solution

Excel in-cell Variance Chartsin cell variance chart 1

A tailor-made solution to go beyond simple “sparklines” and yet dynamic. These in-cell charts help understand the data in a much better way and are easy to adapt.

Profit and Loss Statement – Waterfall Chart

excel water fall chart 1

A different take at waterfall charts that is compatible with format of profit and loss statement adding visual cue for audience and users. This dynamic chart plots subtotals, income and expenses in different color.

Proportion of Proportion Chart using Conditional Formatting

excel chart with conditional formatting final

A “chart” made using conditional formatting to plot proportion and proportion of proportion. This way we get proportion of particular item in total and then plotting the sub-item that is taking the most out of it.

Dynamic Financial Scenario Analysis Model

dynamic scenario analysis

This dynamic financial scenario analysis model recalculates the profit and loss statement based on the model selected and ALSO gives the comparative variance analysis of the selected model with other scenarios instantly side by side.

Making dynamic Chart of Accounts, Journal + Ledgers in Excel

Small business owners can easily harness the power of Excel to create Accounting records, however, making them dynamic so that you can generate accounting reports instantly requires advanced level skills. This model is done completely in Excel environment and helps you do accounting journals, create ledgers with powerful flexibility of dynamic chart of accounts.

Excel Accounting and Bookkeeping Solution – Template

Complete bookkeeping solution done entirely within Excel and caters journals, ledgers, trial balance, balance sheet and income statement all within Excel and automatically. Simply enter accounts in Chart of accounts and update transactions in journal and rest of records will be updated automatically by pressing refresh button.