DipIFRDiploma in International Financial Reporting

A qualification offered by Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is designed for finance professionals around the world to help them understand and implement International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). DipIFR offers variety of routes to make you become IFRS ready professional


IFRSs are at the core of accounting world. With over 113 countries on board a need for qualification in IFRSs and their implementation was automatic. ACCA came forward and offers several routes to get started with IFRSs get certified and be recognized in your organization that you are proficient in IASs and IFRSs.

Admission – How to do/apply in DIPIFR

To get started with DipIFR there are no strict requirements and if you fulfill any one of the following condition you qualify to apply for the course:

  1. Three years of relevant work experience
  2. Relevant academic background (degree) + two years’ experience [for example ACCA]
  3. ACCA Certificate in International Financial Reporting (CertIFR) + two years’ experience

If you fulfill any of the above requirements then you are good to go.

Syllabus + Exam Structure


ACCA provides ample guidance on what will be examained in DipIFR examination. The knowledge and expertise required are listed in DipIFR Study Guide and the standards that will be tested as part of the exam are listed in Examinable documents

Overall DipIFR includes almost all of the standards i.e. IASs and IFRSs issued by IASB and students are required to not only have good knowledge of their requirements but also how to apply them under different circumstances.


DipIFR exam held twice a year, June and December. The exam is 100 marks paper based exam tested in 3 hours time. To be successful one require 50 marks or more. Exam is divided in two sections:

  • Section A: Accounting for groups [40 marks]
  • Section B: Three Scenario based questions. Each 20 marks question [3 x 20 marks]

This exam can be taken at any registered ACCA exam center.

Dip IFR – Free Study Material

To best prepare for your Diploma in International Financial Reporting we offer various learning possibilities that help you effectively and efficiently ace the exam. With our free study notes, video lectures, online tests and tons of other resources all you need is hard work.

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