Excel Variance Charts: Making Awesome Actual vs Target Or Budget Graphs – How To

In this tutorial we are learning how to make an awesome variance chart in Excel that clearly plots actual and target (budgeted) figures using bars...

Actual vs Target Variance Charts in Excel with floating bars

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E38sZY2le3g So we are making this awesome Excel variance graph, the easiest actual vs target chart with floating bars, in 5 steps under 1 minute: Excel...

Vertical Actual vs Target Charts in Excel – Top to Bottom Variance Analysis using...

Charting and comparing actual with a target/budgeted results in Excel is a widely used visual business analysis technique. Variance analysis techniques range from simple...

Add a vertical line to Gantt Chart or Stacked Bar Chart in Excel –...

In last tutorial on gantt chart in Excel for project managers we learnt the simplest and fastest way to chart project activities/tasks. Today we...

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