30+ Copy & Paste Tricks You Must Know – Mouse Keyboard Autofill Paste Special and More!

So here we have the 30+ amazing copy/paste tricks that everyone must know. With these tricks and tips I am hopeful that you will be able to extend your productivity way further than you are currently achieving with Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V combo!

As the article is long so it has been divided in several pages. Don’t forget to read all of the pages to know all of the tips. You can navigate to specific page by clicking the page number at the bottom.

Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V – The Saga continues!

For sure Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is one of the most famous keyboard shortcut in windows environment and one big reason for it become famous beyond limits is that it can be used in almost every Windows application software including Microsoft Excel.

You might know how to do copy and paste in many ways like using mouse right click or ribbon or keyboard. But not many know that this feature is productivity heaven and it can be used in more than 30 possible ways to do things super easily and super fast!

I will start with the very basic use of copy/paste feature and then move on to explain other variations.

Basic Copy paste with mouse or keyboard shortcut

1. Mouse #1 – Right click copy + Right click paste

I assume you already know that you first have to copy the data and then you can paste it. To do this using mouse:

Step 1: select the data > press right mouse button and the context menu will open > select copy

Step 2: Go to the cell where you want to place the data > press right mouse button again > and this time select paste

Your data will be pasted

2. Mouse #2 – Using ribbon buttons

Step 1: Select the data you want to copy. Go to Home tab > Clipboard group > Copy button

Step 2: Go to cell where you want to place the data and again home tab > clipboard group > but this time press paste button

3. Mouse # 3 – Mouse + Keyboard combo

Holding down Ctrl key helps you duplicate the data easily by simply moving the selection to new location. Following steps explain:

Step 1: Select the data and move the mouse just above the selection border. Cursor will change to quad-directional cursor

Step 2: Press and hold down Ctrl key. This will change the quad-directional cursor to normal cursor with plus sign and press and hold left mouse button and drag the selection to the place where you want to paste it.

4. Bonus tip: Shift + Mouse

If you use Shift key and move the selection it will Cut and paste instead of copy paste. And not just that it basically insert the selected data in place. Normally if you copy/paste or cut/paste the pasted data replaces the existing data. But with Shift key pressed down it will rather Cut and “Insert” instead of Cut and “Paste”

Step 1: Select the data and move the cursor just above the selection border, cursor will change to quad-directional cursor.

Step 2: Hold down Shift key on the keyboard and press and hold left mouse button and drag the selection and leave the mouse button where you like to insert the data.

5. Keyboard #1

Step 1: Select the data holding down Shift key or pressing F8 once and hit Ctrl+C key combination.

Step 2: Use directional keys to navigate to the right place where you want the data pasted and hit Ctrl+V to paste the data

6. Keyboard #2

Step 1: Select the data  using Shift key or F8 key command and press context menu button on the keyboard. It is usually found on the right side of space bar. On pressing it a context menu will open. Use directional keys to move to copy command and press Enter key to copy the data.

Step 2: Use directional keys to navigate to right place in Excel worksheet and press the contextual menu button again and this time select the paste command by moving to paste option using directional keys and pressing Enter key.

7. Bonus Tip: Use in-menu shortcuts

If you are playing close attention you might see that if menu is invoked in every command a specific letter is underlined. This underline letter basically works as keyboard shortcut. For example once the menu is invoked to copy the data instead of moving the selection highlighter using directional keys simply hit “C” button on the keyboard and data will be copied.