30+ Copy & Paste Tricks You Must Know – Mouse Keyboard Autofill Paste Special and More!


35. Restricting copy paste

Last but not least, we often want the data not get copied by strangers and unauthorized personnel. What you can do is you can completely restrict the function but let the user edit and do every other thing easily.

As per my knowledge up to this point, you can’t simply disable copy/cut paste function only. And if you are really after this you have write some really complex code in VBA which is situation dependent so there is no universal solution for this. However, you can disable the selection of cells which will automatically disable the copy/cut paste functionality too. This is done by protecting the worksheet or workbook. Follow these steps to get this done:

Step 1: Go to Review tab > Changes group and click Protect worksheet button.

Step 2: In the dialogue box mention the password and select the options that you want to allow to the users without password. Make sure select locked cell option is unchecked. Click OK. Excel will ask to confirm the password retype the password you entered before and click OK. Now your worksheet is protected and thus the copy/paste functionality too.

To renable it simply go to Review tab > changes group click Unprotect sheet button and put the password and all the functionality will be restored as normal.