30+ Copy & Paste Tricks You Must Know – Mouse Keyboard Autofill Paste Special and More!


15. Paste special – copy paste only values and number format

As said earlier formatting involves so many things text color, text size, cell fill color, number format etc. However, if you want to drop everything but just want to copy the value and the number format of one cell to the other cell.

To do this copy the cell and then go to cell where you like to paste the data and hit Alt+Ctrl+V to bring the paste special dialogue box up and select values and number formats option and click OK. This will paste the value with number format setting.

16. Paste Special – Copy paste just formula and number formatting

Have a formula in cell that you want to copy just that in another place? Its super easy with paste special. Simply copy the cell that contains the desired formula and go to place where you want to paste the formula and hit Alt+Ctrl+V to activate paste special dialogue and select formula and number formatting option and click OK. This will paste formula and also number format settings.

17. Bonus tip – Paste special – Copy paste just formula

I observe that if you paste using context menu then you get somewhat additional options that are not available in paste special dialogue box. For example to paste just the formula in cell, copy the cell with formula and go to cell where you want to paste. Press right mouse button and from the context menu select formula option or from the keyboard click (F).

You can also have such additional options if you paste it using ribbon button.

18. Paste Special – Copy paste just comments

Adding comments to each cell is hectic and having the same comments for other cells is even more hectic as you will have to type comment for each separately. But if you know how to copy and paste just the comments then its not a problem any more. To copy just the comments simply copy the cell containing desired comments and go to cell to paste the comment hit Alt+Ctrl+V to activate paste special dialogue select comments option and click OK. This will paste only the comments and leave everything behind.

19. Paste Special – Copy paste just column widths

Sometimes you have certain columns with specified width. If you want to adjust the width of other columns to be exactly the same then its a hectic process as you have to first look for width in units and then adjust it. However, you can have this done with paste special facility too.

Select the cell or cells of which you like to copy the width, copy them and go to cells to adjust the width hit Alt+Ctrl+V and from dialogue box select column width option and click OK.

20. Paste Special – Copy paste all except borders

Accountants often face this problem as they have to copy and paste the figures of sub totals or grand totals calculated. But accountants often put borders around such figures. For example subtotals are represented by single border and grand totals are represented by double borders.

To copy/paste everything except borders then after copying the data use paste special dialogue box to select the option all except borders to paste everything except any kind of border styles.