30+ Copy & Paste Tricks You Must Know – Mouse Keyboard Autofill Paste Special and More!


Paste Special’s Special Extras!

31. Transpose

Few weeks back I discussed what transpose is in great detail and also discussed Paste special as one of the ways to achieve this feat. I highly recommend reading that article as I discussed numerous other ways to get the transposition done.

Transpose is simply a process of converting rows to columns or columns to rows. This can be done manually if data is small. But for large sets of data it is really difficult and almost impossible. But paste special let you do that by simply copying the data that you want transposed then go to the cell where you want to place the data and hit Alt+Ctrl+V and mark Transpose check box and click OK button. Now your rows will become columns or in other words columns will become rows. Awesome!

32. Merge conditional formatting

Conditional formatting is another cool feature but this is not simply about colors rather coloring of cell depends on set of rules. Although you can apply conditional formatting rules to another cells using simple copy paste or pasting just formats but if you have conditional formatting done in the destination cell as well then this facility let you merge the rules of conditional formats from source cell with the rules in the destination cell. That way existing conditional formatting of destination cell will also be preserved.