30+ Copy & Paste Tricks You Must Know – Mouse Keyboard Autofill Paste Special and More!


33. Using Clipboard to copy paste paste paste!

Not many know about clipboard feature of Excel and thus most of the time rely on windows’ clipboard and this is probably because we often don’t need it. But think of a situation that you have certain values to copy and paste and you have jump many times from cell to cell to do copy and then paste. It is frustrating as you have to copy the data again if you need it again as window remember only the latest item you copied.

But with Excel’s clipboard you don’t have to copy one data set over and over again every time you need it. Just copy all the data once by repeating the copy action and Excel clipboard will stack the copied data separately. Later simply click the data you want to paste in different cell and you don’t have to run between source and destination cells again and again.

34. Refreshable web query

Excel’s awesomeness is not bound to Excel itself. It can even cater things from outside pretty well. One of such example is importing data webpages that can refresh or update at specific intervals so that you can always have the latest information.

This tool is really handy for those people who have are in forex or currency exchange rate business and want latest information every 60 seconds. Therefore instead of having a static data copied from the webpages you can copy refreshable data from internet and plant it inside Excel and then conduct real time analysis using graphs etc.

To do this go the webpage from you want to copy the data table. Select it and copy. Come back to Excel and instead of pasting it go to home tab > click paste button drop down and select Refreshable Web Query.

An explorer window will open inside Excel with special features and the same page will be loaded from where you copied the data. Scroll to the intended data and select the data table you want to import by marking the relevant check box and then click Import button. Excel will take some time, depending on the data and HTML rules and paste the data inside Excel.

As this data is of special nature and does come with several options. That remains the topic of discussion for our future article 🙂