15+ Uses of Excel Name Box – The ‘nothing’ box that has a ‘name’ is nothing like what you believe


Not many know the capabilities of Excel’s name box. Yeah I know many might not even know which box I am referring to. It is the same box at the left above worksheet area below ribbon that usually has the reference to active cell and in my early days I too thought that it is just a box giving reference to active cell so that you don’t have to run your eyeballs along the rows and columns of active cell to know its address. But today we are going to learn some nifty tricks this almost nothing box can pull off.

For all this I would like to convey my regards to Mr. Shane Devenshire whose post actually made me compile these tips with action illustrations.

Tip# 1: Jump to specific cell in no time

If you type H7 and press enter you go to H7. If you type S6 it will go to S6.

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