Why YOU! So miserable? – 3 lessons to learn from an 8 years old Kid to LIVE what you LOVE

The Curious Case of Miserable YOU!

Just in case you are guessing what’s wrong with the website today then don’t worry nothings wrong….. Before you read any further… watch the video attached under:

Those who don’t have youtube available at their end can see this video at an alternative link.

So… WHY the video of a boy who is talking about Chinese toys…

I have been asked, told, laughed, sympathized and ….ed …. ed etc for why I am all the time just accounting and like…. My explanations has never been good enough to explain WHY….

The case is not different if I ask people to start doing what they love and make it a profession and thats when majority of them opens a BIG box of excuses and so the counter questions start…. how and why and when and what…

I tried detailed approach where I explained why it is a good thing.

I tried a factual approach where I said, “you know what if you are not doing what you love then you don’t really love it”

And I also tried a rude approach saying, “You need to grow “brains” to do that”. I know you have read it balls instead of brains!

But in the end the success rate was quite low. Beside few headings nodding and silently agreeing with my argument I am still finding a way to find a way to make people courageous enough and give them a kick they need to start doing what they love! So today I am using this video to do the same i.e. How and Why you must live what you love!

Long story short… this kid named Evan is a youtube super star and has a fan following of over a million with all the channels’ followers collected (with EvanTubeHD following standing over 800k subscribers. WHY? He reviews toys!

Yeah as simple as that. A kid reviewing toys. And according to an estimate this kid or precisely his family makes over 1 million dollar a year just from this videos on youtube…. Simple thing right?

Well two lessons for those who are sitting there and still looking and thinking WHAT to do!

1. Do what you like!

If you can make money doing something that you HATE who told you that you cannot make money what you LOVE!!!!

2. So positively negative!

If you are the one who say, “Whats the point even a kid can do that” “Its so simple” “Everyone is doing it”


If kids can do that why not you doing too?

If its so simple who is stopping you?

If everyone is doing it why not you too?

Instead of putting obstructions yourself in your own way, if you hit a roadblock FIX IT! Get over it!

3. Passion = FUN!

When you are doing what you are passionate about you must not forget how to stir a big fun! This kid love toys! He reviewed them but he took it to next level at the end of the video where his passion grew into fun i.e. toys destruction. Have you thought about growing your passion to fun? Think about it!

You must be kidding if you still have questions!

Just in case if you are still not convinced I have two more people to meet!

Mo’s Bows – Moziah Bridges

Courtesy: Business InsiderOK if Evan’s example was not what you took seriously then meet Moziah a.k.a Mo.

A 12 years old entrepreneur who found a company when he was 9 years old. And has started a business who is known to have registered 150,000 US dollars in sales already and have 5 “employees”.

When he was asked how he gets time to do all this stuff as he also have to attend the school (similar types of excuses many throw when they are asked to do what they love), his response was really simple:

“….. Since I am the CEO, I can do when I feel like it…”

Get it?

Remember, you always find the time to do what you love doing. If you can’t find the time to do something you don’t love doing it!

If you are still wondering how he was able to pull it off. Probably the answer is in the same three points that I mentioned before.

Visual Engineer – Benjamin Von Wong

ben von wongStill not convinced as the two examples were of kids. No worries as this time I have an adult example! 🙂

Few know that I am in to photography for sometime and that has made me follow many people so that I can learn a thing or two. Many have silently helped, taught and inspired me since I started but the one that really moved me is Ben Von Wong!


An engineer already in his prime became a rebel to 9-5 life and left it all behind to become more than just an engineer visual engineer.

If I sum up on my own why he started what he loved I will end up with the same three points that I mentioned above. He does what he love. If something obstructs in what love doing he fixes it instead of abandoning it and most importantly he knows how to make his passion to be a great fun!

I will let him tell you how and why he did it himself. Here is an alternative link to watch this video:

In the end I want to thank my dearest friend Tasawar Hussain for having a discussion on Living what you love for couple of hours that made me write this article 🙂

So you can say the 4th point to remember is to surround yourself with positive people!


  1. The stories are soo inspiring that if carefully followed and implemented can transform someone into a valuable person that many can admire.Thank you for such a marvelous sharing with the public.keep it up for the great work done.
    Am Aheebwa Andrew an Accountant Assistant at Movit Products Limited Company located in Uganda-East Africa.

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