Excel for Accountants – 10 Must Read Tutorials

  1. Top 10 Excel keyboard shortcuts for Accountants
  2. Making Profit and Loss Statements in Excel using Pivot tables
  3. Budget Vs Actual – Analyzing Profit and Loss Statements in Excel using Pivot tables
  4. Preparing Fixed Asset (CapEx) forecast model in Excel – Depreciation & NBV Calculations
  5. Making Cash flow summary in Excel using Pivot tables with data on multiple worksheets
  6. Variance Analysis in Excel – Making better Budget Vs Actual charts
  7. Making Aging Analysis Reports Using Excel – How To
  8. Count Specific Weekday or Weekdays within Data range containing Dates
  9. Running Totals and Running Balance with Excel Pivot Tables – How To
  10. 10+ ways to SUM Top N values in data range – Ready to be Ben 10 of Excel?

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  1. The tutorials are clear, concise and make accounting a dream. Thank you for the time and effort and for sharing your knowledge.

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