ACCA Online Classes December 2013 Announcement and Quick Excel Tip on Duplicating Excel Worksheets

This time around the post is a mix plate. Some of you were worried that how come key strokes are silent on Excel for more than 24 hours. So here you have the confession and also your Excel tip for which you wait everyday. So again fulfilling the promise to make you excel at Excel on daily basis.

Confession: ACCA Online Classes – December 2013 session

These days I am a little busy in starting a post result session of ACCA Online Classes starting August 19. Some of you know that I teach ACCA students as well. For those who are hearing it for the first time, yes! I also do that rather I am doing it for 6-7 years now and founded ACCA LIVE even before was born. We offer different distance learning solutions from live classes to recorded lectures. You can learn in detail about it at ACCA LIVE’s website:

If you are one of ACCA student then do check out our packages and if you have any questions or concerns you can write to us at: [email protected]. You can also reach me directly +92-322-454-7934. And yes whatsapp and viber works as well 😉

Quick Excel Tip – Duplicating or Copying Excel Worksheets

And now coming to what you are actually after.

In excel if we want to add a new worksheet the easiest way is the click the add worksheet button at the right of worksheets’ tab. But duplicating the existing worksheet within same workbook is a little more boring if you are trying to use right click on worksheet tab > move or copy option and so on.

A much easier way however is to use Ctrl + mouse combo. Following steps help you get the duplicates of a single worksheet or worksheets in no time:

Step 1: Select the worksheet you want to duplicate. If you have multiple worksheets then select them by keeping Ctrl key pressed while clicking on such worksheets’ tab.

Step 2: Keep Ctrl key pressed down and hover your mouse over worksheet tab press and hold left mouse button and drag the tab on to the work space. The cursor will get a worksheet symbol with it containing + sign meaning you are making a copy of worksheet or worksheets.

Step 3: Release the left mouse button and then the Ctrl key. You get the duplicate worksheets in NO time! 🙂

Following animation helps you carrying out these steps:

duplicate worksheet

A definite time saver. I use it a lot if I have to duplicate few worksheets to make changes for test purposes.

So I hope we are even at least for a day 🙂 And don’t forget to pass on the information regarding ACCA distance learning packages to your friends doing ACCA or consider joining us if you yourself doing ACCA. Good luck!