5 powerful Excel functions you are not using


5 Lesser Known/Used yet Powerful Excel Functions

When it comes to usability and application of Excel, it is almost as true as if it is an acknowledged fact. There is almost no profession in management of which Excel can’t help on way or the other.

However, I observed that majority of Excel users don’t progress beyond certain functions and their combos, keyboard shortcuts or some features. And all this still very basic.

Comparing the progression of Excel users with the rest of the humanity sometimes make me think we are still celebrating the invention of wheel whereas the children of humans are discussing us as ancient tribes in their history books.

For example:

  1. We are successfully orbiting around the Jupiter these days and at our end VLOOKUP vs INDEX+MATCH is still a debate
  2. We have self driving cars and working on hyperloop and we are still unaware of full potential of named ranges let alone structured referencing system Excel tables.
  3. Already know about Olympus Mons but Excel users still don’t know about PowerPivot.

Not blaming Excel users, its probably the fact that one is interested in learning Excel only to the extent needed. If basic knowledge does the needful one hardly cares to learn more.

But today we are looking few functions that are extremely versatile and yet hardly used by Excel users. Here is my list of FIVE functions you must immediately have on your finger tips to deploy as and when needed!

So lets get started!!