Format content using Find & Replace feature in Excel – Quick Tip

Find and Replace feature can help us in number of ways but one of its hidden abilities is to format the content specified content as well. For example here is the list of students in which names are repeating in random order.

You want the name PakAccountants to be formatted in red color and bold letters. Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1: Select the range using mouse or keyboard.

Step 2: Hit Ctrl+H shortcut and it will open Find and Replace dialogue box.

Step 3: Click options button to enable additional options.

Step 4: In find what field type input the name you want to find and format. In our case it is PakAccountants.

Step 5: In the Replace with field type type the same name again as we don’t want to replace it but just format it. So in our case it will stay as PakAccountants.

Step 6: Click Format button. This will open replace format dialogue box. Go to font tab and select bold under font style.

Step 7: Go to fill tab and click on red color box and click OK button.

Step 8: Lastly, hit Replace all button and done!

Following animation walks you through the whole process:

find format


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