Is it better to do or complete ACCA from UK?


As ACCA is a global qualification and thus ACCA needs to ensure quality at every stage, ACCA has implemented several quality control measures.

One of the most important phase in any professional qualification is its academic or study phase. To ensure that every ACCA student gets tutoring of equally quality, ACCA has set out the rules which if certain institutes follow than it can get approved by ACCA and given a badge of Approved learning provider/partner.

After implementing such quality control framework, ACCA can now monitor every institute approved by ACCA. Whether it is in UK or in any other country of the world. And as every institute will be promising the same quality standards, thus it does not make any difference whether you study from UK or in your local institute which is approved by ACCA.

Therefore, the only thing now you have to worry about is, if you really are worried about the teaching standards, whether a certain institute holds Approved Learning Provider badge or not. You can check whether you have any study center approved by ACCA by browsing through the learning providers database on ACCA website. Please note that even this database contains such institute that are not approved but just listed. To search only the approved learning partners, tick the check box with “ALP” and search the database. This way only approved tuition centers will be listed.

I recommend joining local institute with ACCA approval as it will not only save you money but also local teachers are most of the time in a better position to tackle students as they are also from same environment and are familiar with the problems and strengths of local students.