One minute Excel Tutorial – Excel ‘Auto’ features

Often in data related works we have to repeat the process over and over again like writing same name. That will be so easy and error free if what we intend to write is automatically inserted for us. Or if there is a mistake then it gets corrected automatically. Who don’t like if things start happening automatically as we wanted. Well excel have you covered even for this.

Although you can automate anything using shortcuts and forget not macros and VBA scripts. But in this I will strictly be talking about those auto functions for which you don’t have to do much.

Auto fill

auto fill incremental numbers

auto fill series

Auto fill dates and in this you can fill the series day wise, month, weeks, years etc

Auto correct

Auto complete

Auto calculate

Status bar can auto sum, auto average, auto count, auto find max auto find minimum value



Other notable things you can automate but you have to play a bit are:

auto sort