What are TT5 TT6 and TT7 subjects under FIA?

As we all know that FIA is about to replace CAT qualification completely and the move over will complete by the end of August for existing CAT students i.e. all current CAT students will be transferred to new suit of qualifications – Foundations in Accountancy (FIA).

Since January 1, 2011 the registration under CAT qualification has been closed and now those students who do not qualify for direct ACCA entry or want to do entry level certification first will be registered under FIA instead of CAT. Therefore, if you are registered by/after January 01, 2011 then you are registered under FIA.

Now the ones who are registered under FIA in first place (the ones registered by/after January 01, 2011) will see TT5, TT6 and TT7 in their accounts.

Before we understand these subjects let’s understand the scenario itself and it will surely clear up all the doubts.

Under CAT qualification, students had the option to sit in CBE style exams only for first four papers i.e. T1 through T4. But under new scheme (FIA), students can give first 7 papers under CBE based exams.

Now the problem is FIA exams will take place in first week of December 2011 and not before. So ACCA has arranged interim arrangements and TT5 TT6 and TT7 are basically transitional subjects and are NOT the same as FIA’s FAB,  FFA and FMA. These are basically current ACCA F1, F3 and F2 respectively. If this is still not clear then read on.

Now for FIA students, from February until November 2011, the syllabi of FIA subjects will be considered equivalent to the respective subjects charted as follows and also linked to the relevant syllabi:

FA1 = CAT T1 (INT)
MA1 = CAT T2
FA2 = CAT T3 (INT)
MA2 = CAT T4
TT5 = ACCA F1 current syllabus
TT6 = ACCA 3 current syllabus (INT)
TT7 = ACCA F2 current syllabus

FAU = None
FFM = None
FTX = None

The thing to understand why there is no transitional arrangement or syllabus for the last papers is that as FIA students are registered after December 2010 therefore they are not eligible to sit in paper based exams by June 2011. And as by December 2011 everything will be shifted to FIA so by that time their own syllabi will be effective thus no need to worry about interim arrangements for these subjects for June 2011 session.

Lastly, as you understood that current syllabus of CAT and ACCA is being employed for FIA subjects therefore you can use the corresponding books to prepare FIA subjects. For example for TT5 you can use the book of ACCA F1 according to current syllabus.

In other words December 2010 books of all the above mentioned subjects are good until November 2011.

For me the most important thing is how this transition will affect existing students of CAT qualification as this is really important and large number of existing CAT qualification is confused about whether they will be sitting in transitional papers or normal papers i.e. whether one will sit for TT5, TT6, TT7 or T5 T6 and T7 as the syllabi of transitional papers and normal papers are different.

AS we know new FIA students are surely going to sit first 7 papers (which are also equivalents of T1-T7) as computer based exams CBE.

Now as under CAT qualification you are given only first 4 papers to be sit under computer based exam, and not T5, T6 and T7, this would have been unfair if existing CAT students were allowed to sit for just paper based exam (also complete subjective kind of paper) and new FIA students to be allowed CBE. To cater this problem, existing CAT students who had/have planned to give T5, T6 and/or T7 paper(s) in June 2011 they will have the option to sit either for paper based exam or computer based exam. This is a special concession given to existing CAT students just for June 2011 session.


  • If you are sitting for PAPER BASED EXAM then normal T5 T6 and T7 syllabi will be applicable to you
  • If you wish to sit CBE type exam (instead of paper based) then you will be giving TT5, TT6 and TT7 which are equivalent to existing F1, F3 and F2 respectively.


  1. Salam. Pls help me, i really dnt knw wht 2 do.
    I hv cmpleted T1,T2,T3,T4,T6,T7,&T9.
    so i’hv decided 2 do TT5(T5) b4 Nov2011. But im not sure whtr or not shld i take T10? wht difference does it makes? will i still get dip cert.? and if i do take T10, thts min i hv 2 sit 4 the xam on dec2011rite? coz its ppr based.

    pls reply. thnk u 4 ur time.

    • Hi there,
      If you do clear T5 (or TT5) before December 2011 then as per your status you will be eligible to enter ACCA and can start from Skills level i.e. ACCA F4. However, you will not be getting any certificate or Diploma. Certificates and Diplomas as under FIA will be awarded to the students who are sitting in exams after December 2011 exams i.e. after students sat through the papers under FIA scheme and not before.

      Leaving T10 will not affect your eligibility to enter ACCA (on completing T5) however, you will not be awarded CAT certificate. And if you want to sit through T10, now you will be sitting under FIA with the name FFM which has the same syllabus, if I am not forgetting as T10 had in June 2011. By June 2012 syllabi will be new.

      Hope this answer the questions. Reply back if you need further help 🙂

  2. one question,i am pass now my last paper TT5/f1 to allow me take acca december exam and also waiting for my t9 result..,so,…how i am transfer to acca part2 . Need i inform acca? or any need to register first acca?? or i will transfer automatically to acca part 2?? and how i will know i am already transfer to acca part 2??

  3. i hv completed all cat pprs except for t5 and t7.
    so i wanna do CBE for these subjcts.

    wht i knw is, if i wanna sit for cbe, i can take TT5 & TT7(F1&F2) until NOV 2011. pls correct me if im wrng.
    therefore i can use F1 & F2 as my learning materials. but what if i wanna do cbe in DEC2011? wht learning materials shld i use? is it da same?

    pls rply asap. thnk u!!

    • @hanz. Yes for the time being and until November 2011 you can use the present books of F1 and F2 to prepare TT5 and TT7. But by December 2011 the syllabus of F1 and F2 will change and as FAB and FMA is same as F1 and F2 therefore the syllabus of FAB and FMA will also change. Therefore if you want to save money and want to use current books then you should pass transitional papers by November 2011

      • Thnk u 4 yr rply.

        so whn i wanna sit for cbe, i’ll just tell them tht i wanna do TT5 & TT7 right?? cuz i’m not yet an ACCA studnt, and F1 & F2 is for those stdnts tht alrdy transfr 2 ACCA. So i cannot tell thm tht i wanna do F1 & F2 right???
        oh, btw can i knw, wht TT means??

        if i pass TT5&7, will i still get CAT cert.? cuz i alrdy passed T1,T2,T3,T4,T6,T9, & T10.

        pls rply. thnk u!!

  4. and one more question do i have to register to TT5 or TT6 cuz there is no option available in my Acca account for
    these papers…..

  5. can i give TT6 AND TT7 cuz my T5 is already cleared ???

  6. i have completed t1 to t5 of CAT can i transfer to ACCA ?

    • You still have to complete T6 and T7 to transfer to ACCA. Without doing these three subjects you will not be able to transfer to ACCA

  7. i have a question i passed t1 and t2 now i have to give only tt5 tt6 and tt7?? to get tranfer in ACCA ?? is there any need to give t3 and t4?

  8. Well we cannot compare just 3 papers with whole certification. As more you learn more good it is. But if you want to transfer to ACCA at earliest possible then you should go for these diploma level papers which are at the moment until November 2011 are TT5 TT6 and TT7

  9. which is better transitional papers tt5 tt6 tt7 or CAT qualification .


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