ACCA LIVE is here on PakAccountants!

PakAccountants team is much glad to announce warm partnering with ACCA LIVE.

Many of our visitors might already have noticed some of the services provided on our website are much similar to those provided by ACCA LIVE and Hasaan Fazal’s personal blog. We are really happy that they joined hands with us in great cause of spreading knowledge.

ACCA LIVE and Hasaan Fazal (a faculty member of ACCA LIVE) has promised us and to our visitors to provide valuable services some of which are listed below:

i-ask! | Ask Tutor your question: A student oriented service that promises to answer queries of students studying different qualifications and demands the answers be given not in general terms but specific to their qualification. You can ask wide variety of questions ranging from topic or syllabus related to general questions about any qualification and its scope etc.

Free Mock Exams and Practice material: Students always need practice material to be sure about whether they have learnt a topic at hand at its optimum level and according to exam standards. We are happy that ACCA LIVE has allowed us to share their material on our website with our dear visitors and with your help we will surely convince them to offer more material which will be available for free to our dear visitors and members.

Free Video lectures: Students require exam standard lectures with nothing left behind or unsaid just because it is provided for free. Every student require quality promised lecture even that is provided free of cost. We are happy that ACCA LIVE faculty has promised us that they will share their experience, tips and tricks in video lectures with our visitors so that they can prepare for their subject at its best.

Free Study material and Notes: Though it is a huge project and needs time but we are hopeful that we will surely have the relevant and up to date study material, revision notes and other study related stuff that can make learning easy for students studying different qualification will be available soon.

Free Articles: One of the most asked and demanded – Free articles on different topics which are part of syllabi of different qualifications, will be available on our website written directly by the tutors so that students can have the direct input in simple language and thus efficient learning.

Support Chat bar: A convenient and time saving tool for students visiting our website. Support Chat bar has been installed on at the bottom right corner through which students can ask any question at all. Support team will also be happy to guide visitors and members about the MOST Affordable online classes/distance learning solutions for CAT and ACCA offered by ACCA LIVE.


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