Changes the orientation of range (array to be precise) from horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal

Syntax of Excel TRANSPOSE Formula:

In words:
=Transpose(this array)


There are two important things to understand about TRANSPOSE function:

  1. It is an array formula and therefore it should be entered the special way i.e. instead of hitting just ENTER key, you will hit a combination of CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
  2. In order to transpose the whole range, you have to pre-select the range with appropriate dimension to have the range fully transposed.

Example of Excel TRANSPOSE Formula

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Suppose you have two columns with names and numbers and you want them transposed so that they appear in horizontal formal. All you need to do is to first make the selection that can hold the range then hit F2 key. Once in edit mode type the formula and hit CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER and your data will be transposed.

excel transpose 2

Remember, you can transpose portion of the data if you want, its not necessary to have the whole range of cells preselected.