IAS 23 – Borrowing Costs


International Accounting Standard 23: Borrowing Costs deals with one big confusion of the time i.e. what to do with the interest cost on the loan taken or used in construction of qualifying asset. This standard explains how to deal with borrowing costs.

Executive Summary

According to IAS 23 in order to capitalize borrowing costs as part of cost of the asset certain conditions must be fulfilled. This standard explains what types of assets qualify for consideration of capitalization of borrowing costs. IAS 23 recognizes that some loans are taken specifically for the asset and sometime funds are taken out of loans that are not specifically taken for asset. IAS 23 suggest the treatment for general borrowings. Also, it is important to know when the capitalization can be started and when to cease capitalization and how to disclose related information in the financial statements. All of these requirements are included in IAS 23.