Simple yet Elegant CV Template to get the job done – Free Download

Last time I discussed the essentials that make up excellent resume and this time I have come with a resume/CV template that can help you land a job. Following is the snapshot of it:

simple elegant cv template

The idea in mind was to keep it simple yet elegant and not compromising on its practicality. There are thousands of templates available online but you don’t find the CV that is flexible to fit the needs of majority. This template is extremely flexible as each important piece of information is clearly blocked and can easily be read by interviewer or recruiter.

There are many CV templates that are colored and have some fancy fonts in them and no doubt they look stunning. But they do have some serious practicality issues and one of such is that they aren’t easy to scan. And this can cost a lot. So I purposely made it black and white and very simple in formatting.

The other important consideration was to make it effective and efficient from recruiters’ or employers’ point of view so that they can easily and quickly skim through the information they want. So I have divided the whole format in two sections where one section is dedicated completely for experience related information. And to spice it up visually skills are displayed in the form of scale of five so that interviewer and recruiter can quickly make the judgement.

OK cutting the talk, here is the link where you can download the template:

Download FREE
CV/Resume Template

You can download the template free of cost but if you like the template then you can set the price whatever you deem fit and pay. If you want to download it for free then simply set the price to “0”. Enjoy!


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