FIA | Foundations in Accountancy – Suit of qualifications by ACCA

Foundations in Accountancy is NOT just a new certification instead it is a whole new suit of qualifications all set to include Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) under its umbrella. This whole suit is subdivided into three certificates and a diploma.

So here we are with yet another innovation of “ACCA LABS”, Foundations in Accountancy (FIA). Though in the words of ACCA the whole purpose of introducing FIA suit of “qualifications” is to ensure compatibility of ACCA academic offerings in line with ever changing accountancy and business environment but before we really accept it as new, let’s see what it really is and how new it is.

What is Foundations in Accountancy (FIA)?

First of all please do not confuse FIA as a new certificate, it’s a suit. Meaning, if you are doing FIA you will earn more than one certificate until you reach the end. It should not be taken as a replacement of CAT qualification instead CAT qualification is now going to be part of much broader and much more flexible suit of qualifications i.e. FIA. So, in simple terms, previously you were doing just one certification (CAT) but now you will get more than just a single CAT certification. Thus, FIA is more rewarding than CAT and under FIA students will be getting two additional certificates and a diploma.
However, the implementation of this new suit came with few important changes around it and how this suit is connected with ACCA as compared to CAT qualification.

Changes in Syllabus – as compared to CAT and MSER

Few of the obvious questions in the minds of students are, “Is it difficult?” “How many papers does it have?” “Will I have to start all over again from the beginning?”

Well, ACCA knew about these concerns and thus made the suit of qualifications even lovelier by giving them just what they wanted i.e. more flexible, more easy to follow and more practical.

Good news is there is nothing much to be worried about. Transition from CAT to FIA or from MSER to FIA is very smooth.

Let’s have a look to understand where FIA stands and how each subject of CAT and ACCA is matched with FIA subjects.

Arrows represent migration process

As you can see in the above picture FIA also have 10 subjects, as was the case in CAT. And all of the CAT subjects are now considered as worthy of given credit in a certain FIA subject. For example, if you have done T1 and T2 then you will be awarded exemption in FA1 and MA1 and will automatically be transferred to Intermediate certificate in Accounting and Business.

One of the important things to note in FIA is previous T5, T6 and T7 are now FAB, FFA and FMA respectively which basically share exactly the same syllabus as F1, F3 and F2 respectively.

That is why if students take admission directly in Diploma in Accounting and Business and complete it, they will be awarded exemption in ACCA for the first 3 papers as students were studying the same subjects under FIA. That’s why ACCA said, there is no need for MSER anymore. Read on to know more.

Changes in ACCA entry requirements

FIA (new CAT) – Anyone, anytime, anyplace!

As it was the case with previous CAT qualification almost anyone was allowed to register for CAT, the same has been carried forward to FIA also. But that is not all; previously if students were registered for CAT they usually had to follow a certain stream to go through “all the papers. For instance, CAT qualification is divided in three stages i.e. Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. It was not possible for student register straight for the advanced stage skipping Introductory and Intermediate stage. But now students can register in FIA at any stage. FIA suit is divided into four parts:

  1. Introductory certificate
  2. Intermediate Certificate
  3. Diploma
  4. CAT

Student now have the option to register for Diploma straight skipping introductory and intermediate certificate stage.

ACCA – You got to have MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS fulfilled!

Previously, if the students were aged 21 or above they were able to enter ACCA qualification on no question asked basis i.e. even without any prior academic requirements through Mature Student Entry Route (MSER). But now MSER route has been terminated and if students wish to enter ACCA directly then they have to have 2 A levels and 3 GCSEs or equivalent otherwise they have to start FIA before they can start ACCA qualification.

So does it mean ACCA has ignored the future MSER students? Naaah!… Read on to understand how ACCA has not forgotten the MSER completely.

Understanding the Transitional phase and conversion from CAT to FIA

In February 2011 existing students of CAT qualification i.e. who are already registered under CAT will receive a notification from ACCA briefing about new suit of qualifications i.e. FIA.

In this notification, that will accompany the December 2010 results due to be released by the end of February 2011 month, ACCA will ask students whether they want to transfer to ACCA register on completion of T5, T6 and T7 or they want to stay in the same register and transfer to FIA where they can complete CAT certification by giving additional 2 more optional papers.

If the above description is hard to grasp then let me put it points so that you can easily understand what is going to happen when.

  1. By last week of February the results of 2010 exams will be announced for CAT and ACCA qualifications.
  2. With December 2010 results, existing CAT students will receive a notification about introduction of new suit of qualifications with the name FIA that will be effective by the end of August 2011.
  3. Remember that CAT qualification will be effective and present until June 2011 exams and conversion from CAT to FIA or from CAT to ACCA will depend on the results of students that they are going to score in June 2011 exams. I repeat your credit or exemptions in FIA or ACCA qualification will be determined according to the papers you will have passed after June 2011 exams.
  4. In the notification, mentioned in point 2 above, students will be asked one important question i.e. whether they want to transfer to ACCA register (whether they want to transfer to ACCA qualification straight) on the completion of T5, T6 and T7 papers (or their equivalents i.e. TT5, TT6 and TT7) or they want to continue to pursue CAT certification. In case students select to transfer to ACCA register then he will resume the studies from ACCA F4 whereas if student selects to pursue CAT certification then he will give two optional papers under FIA.
  5. To understand more about TT5 TT6 and TT7 and the applicable syllabus for these subjects read the answer in the FAQs as follows.

Frequently Asked Questions – CAT and FIA

Many of the students are already asking me questions about Foundations in Accountancy because of different confusions surrounding it and also our support department reported that numerous students came up with different questions so let’s discuss, some of the questions which were asked repeatedly, right here.


To my mind first four papers of FIA i.e. FA1, MA1, FA2 and MA2, have the same level of difficulty as T1, T2, T3 and T4 had with almost same syllabus, though it has been updated but it is not that big deal to be honest.

However, FAB, FFA and FMA (which are the new T5, T6 and T7) are far easier than their predecessor because of two reasons.
Firstly, the exam basis has been changed. Previously, under CAT, these papers used to paper based, but now students will be able to sit in these exams under computer based examination system. Especially T7 paper which is now FMA, used to be really tough one.

So overall, things have become easier fellows! So, don’t worry

How long on average one can take to complete Foundations in Accountancy (FIA)?

In order to do ALL the qualifications under Foundations in Accountancy (FIA), a new suit of qualifications being offered by ACCA,  you have to sit in exams for 9 papers. So it will be taking almost the same time as CAT.

However, if you are not doing FIA completely and doing only the selected qualifications under FIA then it depends on the student.

For example:

Introductory level certificate contains 2 papers and are CBE based so student can sit these exams in one attempt for which student might need 3 months to prepare.

Intermediate level certificate contains 2 papers and are CBE based so student can sit these exams in one attempt for which student might need 3 months to prepare.

Diploma contains 3 papers and are CBE for which students might need 4 months to prepare.

Lastly, to do the last 3 optional papers student might need 6 months to prepare.

Now you can add up the timings to see how much time it will take. Remember, the times given are only for information purposes to get an idea about it and can be different for different students.

What are transitional papers TT5 TT6 and TT7?

As we all know that FIA move over will complete by the end of August for existing CAT students i.e. all current CAT students will be transferred to new suit of qualifications – Foundations in Accountancy (FIA).

Since January 1, 2011 the registration under CAT qualification has been closed and now those students who do not qualify for direct ACCA entry or want to do entry level certification first will be registered under FIA instead of CAT. Therefore, if you are registered by/after January 01, 2011 then you are registered under FIA.

Now the ones who are registered under FIA in first place (the ones registered by/after January 01, 2011) will see TT5, TT6 and TT7 in their accounts.

Before we understand these subjects let’s understand the scenario itself and it will surely clear up all the doubts.

Under CAT qualification, students had the option to sit in CBE style exams only for first four papers i.e. T1 through T4. But under new scheme (FIA), students can give first 7 papers under CBE based exams.

Now the problem is FIA exams will take place in first week of December 2011 and not before. So ACCA has arranged interim arrangements and TT5 TT6 and TT7 are basically transitional subjects and are NOT the same as FIA’s FAB,  FFA and FMA. These are basically current ACCA F1, F3 and F2 respectively.

The thing to understand why there is no transitional arrangement or syllabus for the last papers is that as FIA students are registered after December 2010 therefore they are not eligible to sit in paper based exams by June 2011. And as by December 2011 everything will be shifted to FIA so by that time their own syllabi will be effective thus no need to worry about interim arrangements for these subjects for June 2011 session.

Lastly, as you understood that current syllabus of CAT and ACCA is being employed for FIA subjects therefore you can use the corresponding books to prepare FIA subjects. For example for TT5 you can use the book of ACCA F1 according to current syllabus.

In other words December 2010 books of all the above mentioned subjects are good until November 2011.

For me the most important thing is how this transition will affect existing students of CAT qualification as this is really important and large number of existing CAT qualification is confused about whether they will be sitting in transitional papers or normal papers i.e. whether one will sit for TT5, TT6, TT7 or T5 T6 and T7 as the syllabi of transitional papers and normal papers are different.

AS we know new FIA students are surely going to sit first 7 papers (which are also equivalents of T1-T7) as computer based exams CBE.

Now as under CAT qualification you are given only first 4 papers to be sit under computer based exam, and not T5, T6 and T7, this would have been unfair if existing CAT students were allowed to sit for just paper based exam (also complete subjective kind of paper) and new FIA students to be allowed CBE. To cater this problem, existing CAT students who had/have planned to give T5, T6 and/or T7 paper(s) in June 2011 they will have the option to sit either for paper based exam or computer based exam. This is a special concession given to existing CAT students just for June 2011 session.


  • If you are sitting for PAPER BASED EXAM then normal T5 T6 and T7 syllabi will be applicable to you
  • If you wish to sit CBE type exam (instead of paper based) then you will be giving TT5, TT6 and TT7 which are equivalent to existing F1, F3 and F2 respectively.

Which one is better CAT or FIA?

Many students are still confuse about the new suit of qualifications and that’s the reason they are comparing CAT and FIA with each other in order to be sure whether they will be losing something or not.

However, many are worried about what will happen to them after the transfer is initiated to FIA for CAT students and if one wants to register for CAT or FIA then which one is better and why.

Well, first of all if you are an existing CAT student or have been registered in CAT scheme already than you don’t have to worry about anything as you are neither losing nor gaining anything from transfer.

Also, FIA and CAT contains the same number of subjects, so even that is not causing any virtual advantage or disadvantage as before or after transfer you will have to sit through the same number of papers. For example, if you are a CAT student at the moment and have passed up to CAT T4 then under current CAT scheme you have to do 5 more exams to get CAT certification. And this is the same even after the transfer. After the transfer you will get exemption in the first four papers of FIA which equivalent to CAT subjects i.e. T1 = FA1, T2 = MA1, T3 = FA2, T4 = MA2 and even under FIA you have to do 5 exams to get the CAT certification.

However, there is one possible advantage that students can count by transferring to FIA that T5 T6 and T7 exams wll become CBE based which are currently paper based. And also the new syllabus is a bit easy as compared to current T5 T6 and T7 subjects. Especially for T7?s new replacement i.e. FMA which is also equivalent to ACCA F2 is far easier then current T7.

Another fact that is of extreme importance by introduction of FIA is that previously students had to do whole 9 exams of CAT to get the exemption of first three papers in ACCA i.e. F1, F2 and F3. But now under FIA you don’t have to do all 9 papers but just start straight away the Diploma in Accounting and Business, pass three papers under that and get exemptions in ACCA and resume your ACCA from F4.

Besides that, I find no advantage or disadvantage that students should be worried about. But I will keep you people updated as and when new information is available to me. But if you any question you can use i-ask! service any time.

Is FIA equivalent to CAT in terms of value?

Since ACCA has launched the new suit of qualifications, much confusions are surrounding it. I must suggest that ACCA should write a whole student accountancy issue about it. Another problem is, ACCA has already issued FIA introductory document in addition to help available on ACCA website, but as the information is scattered, students are not finding it easy to understand.

First thing that we should understand is that FIA is NOT just one qualification as opposed to old CAT qualification rather FIA is suit of qualifications i.e. FIA contains more than 1 qualification under its belt. There are 3 certificates and 1 diploma, in total, under FIA suit of qualifications.

Now if one asks whether FIA has the same value as CAT qualification then it depends on the perspective and the dimension of the question itself.

If you are asking about the knowledge value of FIA against CAT then it is the same as if you do all the papers under FIA you will get the same certification as you would have got under CAT.

If you are asking about the time value or exemption value or money value of FIA against CAT, then in my opinion FIA has more time value then CAT. As in CAT you had to do all 9 papers to claim exemptions in first 3 papers of ACCA, but now you don’t have to do all the subjects under FIA suit to claim that exemption instead, just do the diploma that contains 3 papers and you will get the exemptions of first three papers of ACCA. So, its much better than CAT as you are being rewarded on the same grounds i.e. you do THREE papers and get exemptions in THREE papers. This was not the case before under CAT where you had to do NINE papers, thus was paying for and sitting in nine papers to get exemption in just THREE papers of ACCA qualification.

How can I transfer myself from CAT to FIA successfully? Do I need to do anything?

Existing students of CAT qualification will be transferred to FIA by the end of August 2011 automatically. Students don’t need to do anything.

On transfer from CAT to FIA, ACCA has guaranteed that no student will be facing any kind of penalty or loss and students will be given credit on paper by paper basis. In order to understand that which paper of FIA will be set off against which paper of CAT, students should see the CAT Vs FIA and ACCA comparison figure above.

Will TT5, TT6 and TT7 be held just in June 2011 exams and not before and after that?

If students select to go for the paper based exam i.e. T5 T6 or T7 then they can sit in these exams in June 2011, however, if students go for transitional papers i.e. TT5 TT6 and TT7 then basically he is sitting current F1 F3 and F2 respectively.

So, under transitional arrangements you can sit in CBE exams as and whenever they are scheduled by the institute until November 2011.

“I have passed T1 upto T4 and T5 and T7. Will I get exemption from ACCA F1 and ACCA F2?

OK this question is a bit tricky to understand, but I will try to elaborate what exactly and effectively is happening.

Whats exactly happening?

With the same number of subjects passed until the end of June 2011 exams you cannot claim exemptions in ACCA directly on paper by paper basis. After the introduction of FIA, the exemption arrangement has changed a bit. Now you can claim exemptions in ACCA qualification ONLY if you have completed all the subjects under Diploma either before the conversion to FIA or after conversion. Therefore, in order to be transferred to ACCA register you have to pass T6 under paper based arrangement (or TT6 under CBE arrangement). Then you will be transferred to ACCA register (if you select to do so in February notification sent to you). If you will not have passed T6 or equivalent by the June 2011 exams then you will be transferred to FIA where you will do the paper equivalent of T6 and only then you will be transferred to ACCA.

Whats effectively happening?

If you have followed the article until now then you might have understood already that subjects under Diploma are basically ACCA F1 ACCA F2 and ACCA F3. Now, even if you are not transferred to ACCA exactly, effectively you are transferred to ACCA and are given exemption on paper by paper basis. But the only difference is that you have registered under FIA. So effectively it does not make any difference.

However, one thing might still make a difference in case if you do not pass T6 by the end of June 2011 exams i.e. as you will be transferred to FIA and not ACCA then after completing the T6 or F2 equivalent under FIA. You will be exempted from ACCA F1, F2 and F3. Now, I am really hoping that ACCA will not charge exemption fee in this case. As they were not charging exemption fee when students transfer from CAT to ACCA on CAT qualification. This is one thing that still need some clarification.

How many CBE papers does FIA have?

FIA suit of qualifications allow first 7 papers under it to be given as Computer Based Examinations.

How many exemptions are available to FIA students in ACCA?

Exemptions in ACCA qualifications to FIA students are determined on the basis of qualification they have under Foundations in Accountancy course. As said earlier, FIA is not just one certification or qualification instead it has many qualifications contained in itself. In order to gain exemptions in ACCA qualification through FIA, then you have to complete all three papers under Diploma in Accountancy and Business. Once you complete this diploma you will be awarded exemptions in first three papers of ACCA.

I tried to gather all the relevant information at one place and to be as accurate as possible. However, if you think that something is described wrong then you are welcome to point that out as well. I will also update it as necessary.



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    • Dear @Nevada,
      As FIA is the entry level qualifications therefore first few papers are designed in a way that even accounting newbie can also have a nice jump start in this profession. You can access FIA FA1 notes by accessing the FIA link in the main menu bar above. For your convenience here is the link to FA1 notes:

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    • @zain091 No. From the first day of December 2011 transition period will complete and FIA syllabus will be enforced completely. Good luck 🙂

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    • Hi Faridah Akmal @moyozibang

      First of all you don’t need to worry as you are not going to loose anything.

      Yes you have already been transferred to FIA register. FAB remains TT5 (current ACCA F1 syllabus and exam style) until November 30th. Therefore, if you clear TT5 by the end of November or even after that you will get CAT certificate as you have already cleared all the papers.

      But here is one thing to remember. You must select the option to continue and pursue CAT certificate instead of transferring to ACCA. By doing this your certificate will be secured, if it is not the case on transferring to ACCA register.

      After you are done with TT5, get the certificate and apply for exemptions in ACCA and start from ACCA F4.

      Hope this answers. Reply back if need further clarification

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    Based on your current exam passes the register you will join as of August 11 will be:
    Foundations in Accountancy (FIA)

    But i do not want to join the FIA and want to move on to take ACCA upon passing T5. Does it mean that i just have to tick ” I wish to transfer to the ACCA register ” option? and dont have to do anything else?

    Please advise! Thanks!

    • Yes you just have to select “I wish to transfer to the ACCA register” And you just need to past T5 now. After doing this you will automatically be transferred to ACCA and can resume studies from F4

  21. junaid choudhary

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    • Yes you have rightly understood the conversion. If you want to transfer to ACCA without doing T4 then just doing T5 is enough.

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    • TT5 TT6 and TT7 is basically for CAT students. These are transitional subjects for CAT students.

    • You can do these subjects even if you are registered for CAT because these are for CAT students

  25. I have completed my T1 and T2. Nw i want to sit for TT5 TT7 Tt6 and transfer to ACCA part 2 without having t3 t4 cmpleted. When tt5 tt6 tt7 exams is available to me? In conversion transfr option in myacca they asked ‘ i wish to transfer to ACCA register’ whch needs to b marked. What wil b da result if i marked the box or if i dnt mark…
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    • Himu thanks for asking.

      Firstly, you understood correctly that you can transfer to ACCA without T3 and T4 and you can go straight for TT5 TT6 and TT7.

      These papers are available to you already and will be available to you until November 2011.

      If you check the box that says you wish to transfer to ACCA register then it means that you will be transferred to ACCA register on completion of TT5 TT6 and TT7 and can resume ACCA from F4. However, you will not be able to gain CAT certification as to get this you need to stay in CAT/FIA scheme and complete optional papers + all the other papers + 1 year experience.

  26. i hav cleared t1,t2 and t5 but havnt given t3,t4 cbe’s.but the problem is that should i give t3,t4 and then go for f2 and f3 which is now tt6 and tt7…do we have to pass t1-t4 cbe and t5 to get admission in f4 after passing just tt6 and tt7??i am confused…and i want to attempt f4,f5 and f6 in december 2011…i dont have much time..plz tell me the best and quickest way to save my time and money..

    • No, you don’t need to do T3 and T4. You just need to prepare TT6 and TT7 to get F1 F2 and F3 exemptions in ACCA qualification on FIA conversion. But T3 and T4 does give you support to understand the later subjects. But if you think that you have good knowledge and can jump straight to TT6 and TT7 then do it 🙂

  27. If i attempt TT7 in march, T9,T10 in june 2011 and TT5 in July will i be able to sit for ACCA exams in Dec 2011??

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    • Thanks Ahsan for asking.
      Dear you cannot sit in ACCA exams until you are not transferred to ACCA register. And as said on ACCA website, CAT students will be transferred to ACCA register after June 2011 therefore, you cannot sit in June 2011 exams under ACCA scheme.

    • Sorry for being too late in-reply. I finally got the notification from acca that I will be transfered to acca after june’11. But still I am unsure about the exemptions. Will I have to start from F1?? Or from F4?? As the FIA students who will be cleared with TT5,TT6,TT7 will start acca from F4, Will I too?? Because, as my T5,T6,T7 are already cleared by December’10, and Under Conversion Notice button in myacca I have seen there that TT5,TT6,TT7 are exempted for me. What do you say which paper I will start acca from??

    • Sorry for being too late in-reply. I finally got the notification from acca that I will be transfered to acca after june’11. But still I am unsure about the exemptions. Will I have to start from F1?? Or from F4?? As the FIA students who will be cleared with TT5,TT6,TT7 will start acca from F4, Will I too??

  29. How can I transfer myself from CAT to FIA and sit for TT5,TT7??? my last attempt is in June 2011 so what will be the last date for my CBEs?

    • You don’t need to do anything. Nothing additional is required from students to make the transfer from CAT to FIA because this transfer will be done by ACCA itself and will be done automatically after June 2011 exams.
      You can sit for CBE exams even after June 2011. It does not mean that June 2011 is the last attempt and after that you will not have any chance. You will have a chance even after June 2011 so don’t worry 🙂

  30. I have cleared T1-T4 and T6 and inshallah june 2011 will be my last attmept so is it possible for me to attempt F1, F2 instead of T5, T7 and attempt T9,T10 in June 2011,, and how can i transfer from CAT to FIA???? many thanks in Advance.

    • Farhad you cannot attempt F1 and F2 directly instead of T5 and T7. But if you want to sit T5 and T7 in CBE format than you can sit for TT5 and TT7 which has the syllabus of F1 and F2. PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY HAVE JUST THE SYLLABUS OF F1 and F2. BUT IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT TT5 and TT7 is F1 and F2 as F1 and F2 means ACCA subjects where as TT5 and TT7 means CAT/FIA subjects.

  31. My condition is similar to chew & wayne. Passed t1-t6. I think most of us study CAT to admit into ACCA, not importantly to get CAT certification, specially in South asia region. Isnt it?? But now question is, we have to complete whole F2 book to sit for tt7. But how much time it may need to complete the entire syllabus?, as our t7 knowledge will not count there!!!! Isnt it? And after passing it we have to study for part 2 papers in june!!!!
    And another question to Hassan is besides my f level papers, will i be able to take rest of the CAT/FIA papers, to complete CAT, if i wish??

    Thanks Hassan for your help.

    • Khent thanks for asking.
      As you have passed upto T6 then only thing left is T7 which you have already figured out correctly and you have also understood that if you want to sit CBE then it will be TT7 with F2 syllabus.
      To be honest with you, in my opinion T7 is a lot tougher then F2 and your T7 knowledge (if you have already done T7) before will definitely going to help you a lot.
      However, if you are asking about time to cover whole book I teach F2 and complete the whole book in 2 months with practice. To be on safe side 3 months are more then sufficient to cover TT7 (F2).
      Your last question that whether you can go back and complete the remaining papers of CAT/FIA. I think it will not be possible. As you are going to use CAT or FIA as a wild card to gain entrance in ACCA so that whole record is going to be consumed as your exemptions under ACCA so you will not be able to go back and do rest of the papers. Another way to understand is that once you are transferred to ACCA, it means that you are now in ACCA register and now in FIA or CAT register. You cannot be in two registers at one time.

  32. actually my condition was totally same with Wayne…i passed all the paper except t7 and this was the second time i failed t7….Mr hasaan…when i refer what u had said there…is that we still can sit for our F paper in the coming June 2011 but the things we need to do is sit for a tt7 cbe to get into acca level…in order we want to get the cat qualification we must sit for another paper based exam?Do u mean that?

    but is that possible for us to take t7 paper based exam on June 2011 and carry on with our F paper for example F4 F5 and F6?

    • Thanks Chew now your questions is pretty detailed. So here is the answer:
      You are in the middle of unique problem i.e. without doing T7 you cannot get to ACCA and also cannot get CAT certification. The reason is T7 is compulsory subject to get CAT certification and also T7 is required to be done to get exemptions in ACCA even under new scheme i.e. FIA.
      Now, referring to your second question that whether we can do T7 and also continue our ACCA F4 F5 and F6 then its also not possible. The reason is that before you are transferred to ACCA you have to do T7. Only then you can sit in the exam for f4 F5 and F6.
      And lastly, whether we MUST have to sit in paper based exam in order to get CAT qualification. The answer is NO. You can sit either in Paper Based or Computer Based. You can get CAT qualification by sitting any kind of exams. But the thing to understand is that if you want to sit in Paper based then it is T7 with T7 syllabus. And if you want to sit in CBE then it is TT7 with a syllabus of F2.

  33. thanks a lots..i m so stressful now..i think i can finish my CAT at dec 2010 ..but i,can i take a CBE now,in feb or this march??so,i can take acca exams for june 2011 …???.if i take CBE..can i get CAT qualification??Thanks

    • Dear if you are taking CBE now and pass them and also get transferred to ACCA then sure you can ACCA papers in June 2011. However, you can not get CAT qualification without completing the optional papers also whether in CAT or upcoming FIA. To get the CAT certification, even under new FIA suit, you have to complete all the papers including optional papers

      • but i hav done t9 and t10..still cant get cat qualification?

        • you cannot get CAT certification if you do not complete all the papers. To get CAT certification you need to complete all from T1-T7 and any two optional from T8 T9 and T10.
          As you said that you have done T9 and T10 then if you have any other left in T1 through T7 then it will not be possible to get CAT qualification. Please tell me which paper are you still left with

          • I hav done t1-t6,and t9 and t10. i just only not pass t7 at dec 2010 exams…so, i want to take cbe,tt7 as soon as,i can enter for acca exam for june question is,.if i take tt7,can i get a cat qualification??i m so confused now..thank you for your answers.

          • sorry not june 2010 but june 2011

          • I think I’ll take tt7 CBE in the near future, maybe early March. whether acca will update the status of my exams, if I had passed the CBE tt7? to allow me to take fundamental papers in june 2011.

        • @ Wayne. Students will be transferred to FIA or ACCA register after June 2011 exams. Therefore you cannot sit in any of ACCA exams until June 2011 exams. Once you are transferred i.e. by August 2011 only then you will be able to sit in any ACCA exam. As in your case, if you get exemptions in ACCA, then you will have paper based exams left for which you will have to wait until December 2011 exams.

          • sorry because asking too much,i want reconfirm with u..if i take cbe tt7 and pass..i will automatically transfer to acca after june 2011 right?and i still will get CAT qualification and certificate??(i hav done t1-t10 except t7}

          • Well as you have just T7 left then completing this subject (whether as CBE TT7 OR PBE T7) will get you to ACCA and also CAT qualification. 🙂

          • sorry hassan…i m still confused..acca told me ,if i take cbe..i must hav practical experience to get cat

          • @ Wayne. The experience part is actually a last bit. To earn CAT certificate you also have to show experience.
            Please note that this experience requirement is irrespective of CBE or PBE. So complete T7 either in PBE or CBE and then show relevant experience to get CAT certificate.

          • i also get exemption from ACCA part 1 all three papers ,right???

  34. I just do not pass t7.
    I can now take tt7 CBE? If I take it now and pass, can i transfer to acca and take the exam in june 2011??

    • Yes if you pass TT7 and also chose to transfer to ACCA on completion of T5 T6 and T7 or equivalent then you will be able to start ACCA from F4. You will receive a notification from ACCA with in few days about FIA. Let us know if any question you have even after that notification.

  35. I just do not pass t7.
    I can now take tt7 CBE?

  36. hey

    I registered for CAT in february so I am registered under FIA . If i understand you correctly t5 t6 and t7 are not the same sylabi as tt5 tt6 and tt7.So if i start school in march which syllabus will i be taught and also I was thinking of taking the exam as CBE, will I have any problems???

    • Thanks Adja for asking. If you have sent your documents to ACCA by February this year then you are registered under FIA even if your college says that you are registered under CAT.
      Yes the syllabus for Paper based T5 and Computer based T5 (which is TT5 basically) is not the same.
      As you said that you are opting CBE then you will be studying current F1 syllabus.

  37. You must pray that you pass T5 and then you should decide whether you want to sit T6 and T7 in CBE or Paper based exams. Whatever your selection is, it will be good if you pass T6 and T7 by June 2011 as you will be eligible to start ACCA from ACCA F4 on conversion.

  38. i have completed t1 till t4 and waiting for t5 result . what i have to do??? plz tell?


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