5 things that Pakistani ACCA students are doing VERY Wrong!

Every ACCA student in Pakistan wants to have a future full of success. But large number of students is also worried and are asking whether they made the right choice. But are we really giving this its due importance and really using our minds? Here are the FIVE mistakes that we found much common among students in Pakistan pursuing ACCA qualification. Are you also the one doing one or more of these mistakes?

1. “Dying” for a JOB when you yourself is a “Living” BUSINESS

HUGE! (I cannot emphasize more than this) number of students doing ACCA when asked why they are doing ACCA they answer in first breath, “I need a good job”. Hold on a second! Why are you looking for a job when you are full of variety of skills which you can stretch in any possible direction with every possible dimension. Earlier Pakistani students realize this sooner they will have success waiting for them instead of they waiting for success to knock at door. Why after learning so much you want to work under someone when you can make people come to you. Its not about getting over confident its about getting confident. Why not be your own boss and something of your own. You can be a consultant in almost every kind of business for almost anything. You know tax, you know accounting, you know how to audit, you know how to implement the controls in every aspect of the business, you know how to manage, you know how to measure performance. You already know so much, now the only thing you need to learn is: how to use what you have already learnt!

2. Biting the wrong Variant!

Are you also doing UK variant just because you heard someone saying that Pakistan variant is too hard? OR You are not doing Pakistan variant tax just because you will not be in Pakistan.

Well if you have similar responses, then you have lost at the first place and sadly, its not only you who have lost, but also the ones who are going to follow you and thousands of people in your country who are looking at you because you are one of those very lucky people who reached this far and made an “alien” choice.

When you are going to gain all your initial experience here in Pakistan then why do some other variant and get lesser than what can learn if you select Pakistan variant. Just imagine that you learnt UK variant and afterward you are practicing Pakistani Tax law. There is a huge misconception among students that Pakistan variant is hard to grasp. The point is, if you want to be a tax specialist then why afraid of laws. And also, you believe it or not, once you are done with your local Tax law and also under go the relevant experience then you will be in a position to understand the tax rules of any country.

On the other hand, if you are abandoning Pakistan’s Tax laws and thus don’t know about Pakistani legal system then who is going to fill your shoes to do the legislation task in the future? Its not only a promise to bright future but also a matter of duty towards Pakistan

3. Leaving for less and missing big!

Large number of students are going abroad to study or continue their ACCA studies in foreign countries – most notable destinations are UK and Canada. Even larger people are just desperate to move abroad to find their fortune as they might hit a gold mine there.

Lets first of all take the case of students. I always try to put myself in the shoes of those students who are going abroad to study ACCA but still without a reason to leave Pakistan to study ACCA somewhere else. Come on! How can you leave such a place where you can find world class teachers teaching you all the subjects. You are spending almost quarter of your tuition expenses here in Pakistan compared to tuition cost you are going to bear abroad. Again, many are still paralyzed by such people who are constantly telling them studying ACCA in UK is better than studying ACCA in Paksitan. I think this happens because many students learn “cost-benefit analysis” later in the ACCA syllabus.

Now, turning to those who are leaving Pakistan to find a dream job somewhere, they must read point 1.

4. ACCA!…. and Full STOP!

ACCA must not be your last destination but the first “resting station”. If you are an ACCA qualified you have all the rights to enjoy this station and stay there for as long as you can. But this must not be the end of the road. Better accept that its just a certification that you have learnt many things. Now, its time to make discoveries and to dig your own road to a new destination. Don’t just stop here, go for Ph.D and give this world a new perspective in business. Devise new accounting and costing techniques. Come up with new management ways. Suggest cleaner, clearer and productive accounting standards. Imagination never costs anything. You already have all the arsenal you need with you why not fire it up!

5. No active participation! Involve to Evolve!

This area needs serious attention and it is my personal appeal to students for this. Get yourself involved in doing something serious related to your profession. Instead of wasting time in nonsense discussions on social forums or social websites, invest your time in what you are learning. Almost every student have access to internet in Pakistan who is doing ACCA then why not meet up with students living in other countries and learn from their experiences. Involve yourself in literary work. Write articles in different magazines – you already have one place i.e. student accountant. Make up groups of 5-10 students and discuss about what you have learnt and think how can you add more into this. Participate in institute level competition and involve yourself in society as this is the place where you will be going back after completing ACCA so better stay there right from the first point. Shape your thinking and people around you. Share your thoughts on any kind of platform you have. Only by sharing and involving you are going to evolve a confident professional inside you


  1. can you opt for ACCA instead of Fsc after matric exams?

  2. I am ACCA Affiliate, plz advice whether I should go for CA(Pakistan) or M.Phil/Ph.D. (in Relevant Field)

  3. AOA,
    I am doing Alevels currently involving science subjects,
    Will I still have to complete the Foundations for ACCA if i switch to this side”?

  4. salam,i have done my Alevels and now plan to go for acca but not sure it is benificial for me in future and how much exemption i get after A LEVELS

    thanks UMAIR

  5. SIR I passed matriculation and now want to do ACCA ..Wht should i do ?

  6. Sir i want to do CA i have passed matriculation but the question is that i do acca or Fsc ? and tell me about the exemption after acca in CA

  7. hello friends i’m doing ACCA only P7 and SBL are left to be attempted now i’m looking for a job to start my
    professional career in the field of Finance, But i have no idea how to start searching a jab, which type of employer should i target. please guide me what should i do. if someone working in this field plz contact me on what’sup number 03338602049

  8. I have done c.a inter from pakistan..i want to know about exemptions in acca on this basis.

  9. Hello Sir, I started my ACCA recently but I also want to do B.com in the side. Can u tell me if Bcom can be done privately in Karachi and what college to prefer?

    • I’m also donig ACCA and am left with my 4 paper and i’m also doing B.com.You can easily do b.com along with ACCA as b.com is not tough.You can go for either private or regular it’s totally up to you.if you go for private you to enroll yourself via Karachi university and if you go for regular there are number of colleges available like; govt.commerce and economics, primer college, sir syed college etc etc.

      • dear muzamil i need your help regarding ACCA 03044699044 plz text me

    • study mba instead of doing b.com after you qualify all your Acca exams and module. And start your internship in any firm or industry, and along with that take admission in any university for mba and complete your 2 year mba along with your internship of 3 years. Its a great option to study mba after acca. your qualification becomes more strong and can avail a shot for any big 4s.

      • why would you go for b.com when ACCA will give you bachelor’s and double masters degree?

  10. Saifullah Khalid Saifullah Khalid

    I have been attempting CIMA exams for five years and in these five years I have passed only 8 exams out of 17 exams. I have been attempting my ninth exam for last 2 years and the last was my 8th attempt of my operational case study. Now I want to leave CIMA and shift to ACCA. But I think isn’t it too late for me because as of now my age is 24. I want to know that if I shift to ACCA can I pass exams on self study basis? and does firm offer jobs to people like me who have failed alot?

    • you have to much experience . you have to do something for your self

  11. Salam,
    I passed B.com in 2014 and now i wanted to do acca so can u guide me how can i start acca or is it too late for me to start? and how many exemptions for the paper are and how much time required to pass acca and how many hour do required to study daily to pass the exam.

  12. A/s
    Sir im not good in ratafication
    And i want to do acca.is acca all about ratta?plz answer me in detail

    • Muhammad Arslan Muhammad Arslan

      No ,, ACCA is just a logical based studies,. Many students fail in ACCA because of there Conventional habit of ratta,

  13. sir,my son has done his second year pre-engineering exams recently ,he wants to do acca,what should he do before and what is the eligibility criteria for acca.

  14. sir,my son has recently given the exams of second year pre engineering. now he is bit confused what to do .he wants to do acca.can he do acca after hssc pre-engineering .if yes ,so what is the eligibility criteria for acca

    • yeah sir he can do it easily but starting will be from FDA(foundation Accounting Diploma)it is all about basis of accounting with 7 papers which will be given in one year after that first 3 papers of ACCA will be exempt thnks

  15. Salam sir.i am currently an o level student who is very intrested in o levels.and i have a couple of questions.

    1.can i star ACCA after o level?
    2.is this a good route for me as a female?
    3.will my salary be sufficient? (I ask for not less and not more,just ok salary)
    4.does this field require hard work academically?( i am intrested so i will put in effort if needed)
    I will be expecting a reply.thank you.

    • Sorry,i meant that i am an o level student who is very intrested in ACCA

      • Nel you also start ACCA after o level getting admission in ACCA foundation and after completing it you directly appear in skill level of ACCA

    • Nel you also start ACCA after o level getting admission in ACCA foundation and after completing it you directly appear in skill level

  16. Salam, I wanted to do ACCA but im very new to this stuff also I’m a student of Matric but sadly i couldn’t make it and I failed in my matric exams. I haven’t continued my studies after failing Matric tho but now I’m worried about my future and wanna do ACCA. Any tips or so? Im really hoping for an answer.

    • was,yes u can go for acca but firstly u have to complete matric after that u go for any degree or profession but in my opinion u have to go for b.com or bba rather than acca

  17. Sir i recently passed my O ‘levels with eight subjects in sciences , can i start my Acca after that in Skans school of Accountancy.

    • Yes you can but via FIA route. You cannot register in ACCA directly with current academic position.

  18. i am an Acca Affiliate.am i eligible for css exams?

    • Not sure about CSS admission criteria

  19. You are such blamming ACCA, why you are not telling about ICAEW which offers 12 exemptions for ACCA affiliate from 15 papers after that just give one paper for ICAP.
    It just takes 5 to 6 years after “MATRIC OR O LEVELS”
    So tell how much it is good and also don’t ignore the passing ratio of ICAP

  20. AoA
    If a person has done ACCA
    Does he stand eligible to appear in CSS examination ?

  21. I am acca finalist with more than 3 years now. Out of no where i have created this exam phobia and its continuously shattering my confidence to clear.I am in immense agony with one optional paper. I dont have any graduation degree as well:( May be its high time i need to evaluate my career path.

  22. Sir I’ve done fsc with pre medical ..and now I want to do ACCA.. can I appera in CSS exams after acca? Pllzzz clear all my confusions.. different people Are giving g different advices… I really need help..

    • yes you can appear for CSS exam .

  23. Sir ! I have done fsc premedical with 942 marks out of 1100. I want to do acca. Plz tell me will i be able to do it? I mean an extremely intelligent student can do it ?? Is it very tough? I am average student. should i do acca? Plz guide me

    • It really depends upon your interest . If you are interested in pursuing a career related to finance then go for it . Once you will get grip on basic accounting knowledge , you can complete your qualification for sure . There is no requirement of being super intelligent to do something , but hard-work is for sure a must.

  24. Sir I have done my I.com …now I want to do ACCA ….can I do it ….please guide me….

    • Yes you can. Start with FIA route and choosing the shortest path you will have to do FAB, FMA and FFA papers. Once done with these three you can register yourself as an ACCA student.

      FIA is also a suit of certifications by ACCA

  25. Sir I have done my I.com …now I want to do ACCA ….can I do it ….please guide me….

  26. Salaam Hassan Fazal sb.

    after I.Com will join Skans for ACCA Foundation Diploma & pursue further fundamental subjects as required along with BSc. from OBU.

    for pursuing Bsc. degree will it be necessary to pass IELTS for a proof of my English Ability?

    • No its not necessary. Passing ACCA F4 exam is an evidence in itself that you are well versed in English language atleast for OBU B.Sc degree.

  27. Im A Professional Cricketer And I want to persue my career but at the same time im very much concerned about my studies too so it possible to do acca and carry on with cricket at the same time….

  28. Can pre-medical students do acca?PLEASE REPLY

  29. Many people say’s
    pak has no scope for acca if anyone do acca he will ever fall in life
    is this true ????

    • Things are challenging and must be challenging. For me such statements are given by those who like to bail out of competition and don’t want to put hardwork and dedication behind their decisions 🙂

      Nothing will work if you don’t want to work yourself.

  30. I am professional cricketer but i am very worried about my studies so is it possible to do ACCA along with my cricket?

    • It is definitely possible.

      • Sir i need information ACCA exemption for MBA HR students

    • Same Here Muhammad Ahsan… I am having the same problem

  31. I have completed my Fsc degree and now Im planning to go for ACCA so what will be the procedure and criteria for me?

    • You will have to get yourself registered as FIA student. The fastest route to ACCA is to straightaway do FAB FMA and FFA papers and get to ACCA F4.

  32. Hi there to be more precise I have done B.Com (2 years) and thereafter I did LLB and presently I owned a law firm providing corporate and tax services in Islamabad. Now at the age of 38 can I do ACCA? If yes then how it would be beneficial for me possessing law degree and a career in law?

  33. Sir,
    I want to do ACCA but pakistan variant , any good institution for that???

    • For only F6 you have the choice to do Pakistan variant. For majority of other subjects you have to go with International variant and same is applicable for us in Pakistan.

  34. muhammad hasnain muhammad hasnain

    highly motivational sir, i am an acca affiliate recently completed and i was just wondering what to do next whether to study further or find experience. either way i do not know what to do my preference is audit and management where to apply how to achieve my membership and would it be beneficial to further my education by getting some other education

    • You got to have experience. ACCA has helped you learnt much already. Now put this knowledge to work and make it your skill. Organizations need “skilled” employees to work.

  35. Muhammad Muneeb Muhammad Muneeb

    After ACCA I wants to take admission in any foreigner University in EU so, ACCA is good for me? or I go for another qualification or digree?

    • If you have such permanent plans about future, its better that you first select the university and decide about qualification matters as per the admission requirements of that particular university.
      – Hasaan

  36. Assalam o Alaikum

    I have done bcom now I want to go for Acca.
    Can I get admission in Acca ? If yes than how many papers will I have to give ? 18 or 14 ?

    Thank you

  37. i strongly agree to the part that we should choose right variant instead of UK only. since i am also facing issues now because of it.
    can you please guide from where we can now learn or take classes for Pakistan tax?


    • If you have completed your ACCA course, its not really needed. But if you still insist then you can easily enroll yourself in any institute for the classes of ICAP’s Module C and E subjects of taxation to learn more.

      But I suggest that one can easily get the idea and learn from the books of Mr. Munawar Hussain on this subject. “Synopsis of Taxes in Pakistan” is recommended.

  38. Muhammad Mallick Muhammad Mallick

    Respected sir , I heard about If ACCA Was Done! , And that it will give some Incentive amount for completion of ACCA Every month or year , I don`t know its true , kindly correct this misconception

    • No there isn’t any incentive amount given to students or members on completion of ACCA qualification by ACCA. Rather you have to pay annual subscription fee to ACCA body.

  39. Muhammad Shoaib Muhammad Shoaib

    hi dear kindly answer my question plz
    whats a achievements after ACCA cleard

    • Hey Shoaib,

      Your question can be answered in a million word count or can receive a response in one word ‘nothing’.

      ACCA is a qualification that one earns after passing exams and is a simple evidence what one “knows”. But what can you achieve with it is up to you, your hardwork and creative instinct.

      I am still not sure what achievement are you asking about. But I hope this helps

      – Hasaan

  40. aoa ..thanks for being involved and having cocern for students sir.. i am a CA student n ve cleared frst 5 papers of it but i want to persue acca now… i dont knw whether i will get any exemption or not.. and i ll be required to appear in how much papers– i will be thankful if u can resolve the queries as m not finding any of the related stuff form internet

  41. Hi,
    I’m an ACCA student, and appearing for F4 and F5 at the end of this month. Now i get acca is a world class professional certification and im a living business, but my plan is to get the Oxford Brookes Bsc degree and opt for masters (in Finance) from United States or Canada, and not go for the professionals. My question is how is this plan? does it seem realistic? Is the Oxford Brookes degree recognized enough to get admission at a grad school in usa/canada (if i get the right gmat/ielts scores)? I mean, most unis there ask for a 4 year undergrad degree, so what should i do if that happens?
    I know im getting ahead of myself, but im planning everything out way before so i can focus and have a goal.

    • Hi Hasan,

      Glad you are doing ACCA and I wish you great success ahead.

      You might have to ask them directly if they entertain honorary degrees for admission purposes. Some universities don’t accept such degrees fulfilling their admission criteria as you have not been a full time student under that course. So get it checked first.


  42. A.O.A
    I am doing I.COM then admission in B.COM but I not clear the papers What I do for my Career
    I am very worry about my coaching institute is not good its only rata fecation which Institute is best for b.com
    Can I go for BBA or ACCA or Complete B.COM please answer me

    • Ask yourself what you in the end of the day. If it is ACCA then you don’t need to do B.Com for that and I suggest you should go straight to it. However, it seems you are already doing B.Com. In this case you can study ACCA subjects side by side. Its easier to manage its exams as you can choose to pick the number of exams you have to attempt. If you have already started B.Com get it done. And do ACCA with it if possible.

  43. Im in 2nd year pre medical which I do not want to continue further so I plan on going for ACCA after this. Do I have to have a B.Com degree or CAT first before registering for ACCA? And will it be a problem for me being a pre medical student to go for ACCA?

    • You can start ACCA either way i.e. by doing B.Com or starting with FIA and doing FAB, FMA and FAC papers. Once done you have the option to move to ACCA register and purse ACCA F4 onwards.

      But I will still suggest and recommend doing Medical. Choice is yours.

  44. Best motivation material i ever read. Allah bless you. this is the fact one demotivate student make 100 more students like him. so dont be like them share your own experiance in a good way to support other to make their future more bright. play good role in others life 🙂

    • Glad you found it helpful. Do share with others as well. Good luck and prayers for your future!

  45. I m doind I.com and after that I wana acca.is this better way to go for acca ?
    Plz plz show me the way.what should I do

    • you have loads of options available to you. You can choose the contemporary degree program i.e. Bachelors and then Masters from reputed university or go for professional qualifications like ICAP’s CA or ACCA program. Personally I prefer ICAP’s CA program because it is as flexible as any other professional qualification now and is well reputed and also saves you loads of money in exam fee. However, if you choose to do ACCA it is not a bad option either if you can afford it.

      Getting in to either CA or ACCA is easy now. For ACCA you can choose the FIA track whereas in CA you can start with Certification stage. So both are easy to coup up and start with. Hope this helps.

  46. i m doing b.com and after that i wana do acca, is this better way to go for acca after b.com? plz sugest me wht should i do???

  47. sir ACCA or CIMA is best and what is the difference between both of them?

  48. sir i have passed enter examination now i want to doing ACCA from skans college islamabad plzzz sir u can guide me what field i can choose for your point of view acca,engineering,b.com or bba

  49. Yeah…
    Absolutely Correct!!
    Bundle of thanks for this..
    I.A I’ll try my level best to overcome these
    Stay blesseD!!

  50. Well said. Agreed to almost everything.

    On my way to make an appropriate selection after completing ACCA.

    Ahmed, ACCA Affiliate.

  51. im acca affiliate 23 age .with applied for membership. currently in london accenture got sponsered job.
    im doing part time msc financial eco and going to start phd in jan .i also cleared gmat despite i have bsc honours degree.
    dear friend i would like to say the learning and earning ur business profession in eu or usa is extra oridianry .
    we must clear in thoughts and counts advantage and disadvantages of every country.
    in pakistan css is best .asp or ac/ddo can arrest ca in a minute and by talking to judicial magistrate they wil send ca to jail .the case also not high profile.constable abusing you at road.
    partners and directors in pakistan are not ready to get advise or suggession from trainee.what the heel most tie suited elders or god fathers in pak banking are m.com and mba and thier poor thinking and vision .they pass exams from school they attend .i dont think so crediability in it ..
    my research on 100,000 pakistanis shows that
    30% were not able to do css .(not cappable for it thats why jealeous.(css is not degree )it is exam open to all types of graduates .every one can apply (guys first pass it then not join group then u can say css easy hai)
    20% were not know what is css (dont know and says father ne kaha corruption hai)aur en ko ek chance milta hai tou khancha sochte hai.(girls ke sath kaam kerna ya flert kerna halal hai un ke lee )confused boys.
    20% dont know in depth the ca or acca career map
    30% were not able to go overseas .(when they didnt see professional job atmusphere how they are shit predicted)rediculous.
    those boys who couldnt go overseas they keep saying waha humari izat nhi hai .right?(servant of overseas)
    css pakistan ke lee a kaheenge wo css officers tou politicians ke ghulam, hai .(govt ke ghulam ).
    jo bunde pak mei trainee hai ya firms mei kaam kerte hai unko ye pata hai ke pwc.e&y ,kpmg kaha se hai .wo bhi tou goro ke under mei kaam kerte hai . pak govt bhi goro ki funding se chalti hai.
    lekin css ki phir bhi izat hai . forienghn professionals like shukat aziz ,hafeez shaikh ki izzat hai .
    lekin pak mei trainee or employees apni izat neelam kerte hai ek private business man or dumb ceo ke paas.
    in the end i would say (many of foulks fails with distney)
    aur izzat allah deta hai (wat raz man tu sha .wa ta zul mant sha) got it.

    • You don’t know what point you want to make. Lol what are you trying to tell others be specific and open minded CSS obsession lol


  52. sir can i start cat after matric and after cat can i join acca for furthur plz sir

  53. Wanna tok u abt acca

  54. I completed my ACCA in 2003 in a hope to get exemption for ICAP final modules, since i registered my articles with ICAP, but unfortunately, ICAP stopped giving exemption to ACCA for its final modules.

    At that point i was left with ACCA and 4 years of articles from ICAP.

    I used to compare myself all the time to ICAP members but realise later on that this comparison is not worth it. as an ACCA you develop your skills to solve problems, which very few ICAP members can do. ACCA widens your acceptability world over and have mutual recognition with foreign accountancy bodies whereas in case of ICAP mutual recognition is non existent.

    Believe in yourself and complete your ACCA with full dedication, jobs are available for students who can apply their knowledge to practice.

    Good luck…

    • bro i am confused what should i select.. i have recently taken the paper of B.com..

  55. it is easy or not?

  56. dear mr samool why u r wrong guaiding the students if they become an accountant then why thy go for f.sc its better for to do fia or cat and then go for acca.why thy waste thier time in f.sc and b.com.their is no connection between f.sc and b.com and then acca why students waste their 6 year

  57. the student which want to do acca must go for cat and then enter in acca its gud after matric to do cat than f.sc if u want to become an acountant or auditor.after acca u r not an acountant u r a manager an auditor or tax consultant so always think biger hope for bst and try to do some thing in life………xd

  58. Aoa w.w! Thanks to the person who wrote this article and for guiding ACCA students! First of all these problem arises in a student career because ACCA Pakistan has no contribution towards new comers because the tuition providers are not regulated and they guide students wrongly because they are after there fees nothing else. I myself when first contact a tuition provider they they guide me for UK Variants now you people wont believe how much problem am having when i have to deal with Tax issues in firm. These points are very real time and please inform ACCA Pakistan about it too to safe our new comers from such peoples! Such dreams are shown to new comers by these platinum and gold status tuition provider ACCA Pakistan should take action but they will not because they are only concerned with increasing fees of papers and collecting pounds!

  59. After doing fia you will get the exemption of first 3 papers f acca and will start from f4

  60. recently maine I.com-II ke exams diye hain aur now m thinking to do FIA. And after that m willing to do ACCA… PLz answer my question

  61. agar hum acca ke 5 ya 6 papers pass karte hain to kiya uske baad humara future bright ho sakta hai??? plzz answer my question m very tens….

  62. Infact i would recomend u ppl to go for fsc and bcom and mcom also while pursuing acca

  63. i would say dont make this mistake of not doing fsc i m an acca affiliate and really i would say k fsc zaroor karo

  64. Taimur Ahmed Khan Taimur Ahmed Khan

    WALID ZUBAID………….same words from my side……… I have the same question

  65. hi..
    em from sahiwal..
    i have done my matric recently and waiting for result…expected to come in august but u know how things work in Pakistan…i want to become an accountant…my family suports me but i just don’t know what to do now after matric…i don’t want to do Fsc..i want to do ACCA and CIMA…
    can u please guide me?????

  66. your article is so good and motivational. I agree with the whole article but your no 2 point states about Pak variant selection, How can we learn or read Pak variant Of Tax and Law? Though most of the teachers are teaching the students Uk variant.

  67. very energetic and very influncial article focusing on true facts and figure

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