Checks if any of the logical test is true then returns TRUE. Returns FALSE if all logical tests fail.

Syntax of Excel Or formula:
=OR(logical1,[logical2], …)

In words:
=Check if(this logical test 1, OR this logical test 2, OR any other logical test…) is TRUE


OR function is mostly used in conjunction with IF function to perform multiple logical tests. OR function allows the use of multiple conditions. As mentioned earlier OR function confirms if any of the logical conditions hold true which will result in TRUE. If all conditions fail then it will return FALSE.

Examples of Excel Or formula

=OR(2+2>4,3-3=0) will result in TRUE as one of the condition holds true.

This fromula is checking for two conditions:

  1. H7-C5<=60
  2. H7-C5>30

If any of the above conditions are fulfilled then value in cell D5 will be fetched. In case both tests fail then zero will be inserted.