Returns a specified value if argument returns #N/A error.

Syntax of Excel IFNA formula:

In words:
=Check value for N/A error (return this value if normal, but return thisĀ if value resolves to #N/A error)

Examples of Excel IFNA formula

=IFNA(H7,S6) will return value from cell H7. If cell H7 has #N/A error then it will fetch value from cell S6.

=IFNA(VLOOKUP(“Life”,J10:K12,2,FALSE),”No Life”)

The above formula has VLOOKUP function wrapped in IFNA function. VLOOKUP function is looking for “Life” to return a corresponding value. If “Life” is not found in the second column of range J10:K12 then VLOOKUP will result in #N/A error in which case, “No Life” will be the result.