Excel challenge of the Week April 28 – Got to watch movies!

OK there lots of movies coming out in the year 2013.  Some has already been released and some are yet to be screened in cinemas. Now we have one film fanatic who has no idea what movie should he watch. He watches movies from different genre i.e. action, thriller, horror etc.

Deadline: Two weeks i.e. May 05, 2013
Where to submit program: An excel file as an attachment in personal message to facebook page: Learn Excel to excel
Who can participate: Its open to everyone

The challenge is he needs a solution in excel which he can use every night with the following conditions:

  • Randomly suggest a movie to watch from the ones already released till date.
  • He should have an option so that if he can watch movie:
    • from any among all the genre; or
    • specific genre
  • If he can somehow get IMDB rating for every movie that would help him decide even more
  • Movies must be from the year 2013 only
  • The solution provider must be a proud fan of Learn Excel to excel and PakAccountants facebook pages.
  • Solution, program or excel file must NOT be with any kind of protection.
  • Solution must be developed in version 2007 or later.

If you are in the challenge and want to ask any question, you can ask by commenting or sending a personal message at our facebook page Learn Excel to excel