Entering data on multiple Excel worksheets in one go

If you have several excel sheets to work on and all the sheets share exactly the same data with exactly the same format. Than instead of copying and pasting the same data on different sheets we have a much better way for you do to do this in Excel.

Have the workbook open, press and hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select the worksheets on which you want the same data by left clicking on respect worksheet tabs.

After selection is complete start entering your data and format it as you like and everything will be reproduced on other sheets as well. Multitasking redefined! 🙂

multi sheet data entry

Once a wise man said, if you have control even your clicks makes you excel! – Proved!



  1. Thanks for sharing very helpful trick.

  2. Great tips and tricks to make life of XL user easier. Thanks.

  3. You share good information about excel.

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