What is Management? An Introduction

Defining “Management”

Management can be defined in number of ways. Here are some definitions of management from the different dimensions:

  1. Management means planning, leading, organizing, coordinating and controlling
  2. Management means reaching unanimous objective by directing the efforts of other people to a single goal
  3. Management is an art of finding an optimum mix of scarce resources and overcoming constraints to achieve certain targets
  4. Management is the execution of tasks required to achieve organizational goals utilizing the powers vested and then ultimately being responsible for such powers and achievements.

Who is Manager?

Manager is a person who is responsible for managing the different resources available to him which he is going to use to achieve business goals. This responsibility is coupled up with the authority given to him to use such resources the way he wants.

The basic job of manager is to work out objectives using labour force to whom he will provide necessary equipment and other support while constantly monitoring the efforts applied by people working under him so that all the efforts applied by all the personnel is in a single direction to ensure no effort is wasted or is countering the efforts of the whole group.

If the job manager is analyzed deeply we will find that he basically performing a set of different tasks and not just one. And that is why managers are so important and much needed as one person is acting like more than just one individual at one instance of time.