Can I get admission in ACCA without doing FIA?

Yes you can start ACCA qualification in certain cases even without doing any entry level qualification offered by ACCA body i.e. CAT or FIA. Certified Accounting Technicians (CAT) or Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) are basically for those who do not qualify the minimum entry requirements stated by ACCA or if the candidates think that they are really weak in basics and need some improvisation then they can start from entry level qualifications/certifications and then carry on to ACCA.

However, it is not necessary that you must go through CAT or FIA. As I said if you qualify minimum criteria you can register under ACCA qualification. The general criteria, which is applicable to almost every student living in different countries, is:

Students must have a minimum of 2 A levels and 3 GCSEs or equivalent.

Please do not misunderstand that only having 2 A levels and 3 GCSEs can ensure you to start ACCA directly. The word equivalent appended at the end of the statement is really important and also different from country to country.

I recommend that students must download the minimum entry requirement document and check for minimum criteria for their respective country as ACCA has established different criteria for different countries. You can download the minimum requirement document here

However, for students from Pakistan the minimum requirements have been reproduced as follows:

Qualification ACCA
  • 2 passes at GCE/VCE A Level (grades A-E)



  • 3 passes at GCSE/Vocational GCSE/GCE O Level (grades A-C or 1-6) in 5 separate subjects including English and Mathematics.

(Intermediate Examinations/ Higher School Certificate at 50% or above can be accepted as a substitute for O Levels)

Sufficient for Registration
Bachelor (Pass)Sufficient for Registration
BComm (2 years)Sufficient for Registration


  1. Hell0 Frndz!
    I want t0 take admission in Acca……i have d0ne F.A……can i take admissi0n after FA ???
    plz frndz guide me ab0ut this….

  2. hello sir, i just wanted to know that should i complete my high school or start by entering from fia as both are going to take the same time?
    please sir reply as soon as possible


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