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ACCA F5 | Performance Management

FREE Video Lectures in English and Urdu language

Access free ACCA F5 video lectures covering whole syllabus. Just scroll down to your desired topic and watch the video lecture. All video lectures are in high definition and are viewable in full screen mode.

Our lectures are in English as well as Urdu language. By default our lectures are linked to lectures in English language but if you want to hear it in urdu language then click [urdu] link next to the topic name.

We will be uploading more and more video lectures over the period of time. So, if you have any suggestion then we will be happy to hear you and will consider your input to improve the study material as per your request.

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ACCA F5 | FREE Video Lectures – Full list of topics

  • Costing and Management Techniques
    • Absorption and Marginal Costing
    • Activity Based Costing
    • Lifecycle Costing
    • Target Costing
    • Throughput Accounting
    • Environmental Accounting
  • Decision Making
  • Budgeting
  • Standard Costing and Variance Analysis
    • Budgeting and Standard Costing
    • Variance Analysis
    • Behavioural Aspects of Budgeting and Standard Costing
  • Performance Measurement and Evaluation
    • Performance Measurement and Evaluation
    • Divisional Performance Measurement
    • Performance Management in NFP