10 Signs that You are a born Leader


shutterstock_108406256Many think leaders are not made but are born to be one. To be a leader one don’t need to have super powers. It only takes few traits under the skin. We have listed 10 characteristics that are common in finest leaders around the world. Are you also born to be a leader?

Read on to know

1. People around you are happy with you

This is probably the key stone of your personality. It is the reason why you have the charisma that makes others to stay around you. So much goes in it.You like to talk, share yourself and let others share their thoughts. You are honest and always like to help and dont keep distance just because you are the authority. You believe in humility and consider humiliating others a curse to eclipse your own sun. You hardly make promises but if you do you keep your promise. Sarcasm has no room in your world but you do like to joke and you do that often. You know how to convince others, manage their emotions and influence their perception but you remain just and true to yourself, others and to work.

2. You don’t fear facing opposition

Opposition is opportunity for you. For you its a sign in itself that you are getting recognized and you are happy for it. When you are criticized don’t look for covers or being precise you are not a coward instead you are always ready for it. However, you do not waste time responding every critic because you know you already have the answer for it and its a matter of time that it will get answered automatically. You take responsibility of wrong actions with an open heart instead of tossing it on someone else’s head.

3. You work through others

Its not about letting others work and you sitting in your comfy chair rather its empowering others to do it for you. To accomplish this you are evenly good at dividing work in way that give everyone opportunity to thrive.

You don’t jump the ropes tagging your subordinates out of the ring unless necessary. You know that rookies cry when they are facing heat but you don’t replace them rather you motivate them and let things done by their hands. You overcome others weaknesses by transferring your powers like knowledge, authority, time etc.

You give trust and as a result gain not only trust but loyalty and respect. For you leading is not making other submissive to follow you like machines punching the same hole the same way rather you let them do the way they like with a promise of required result within given time.

4. You know how and when to say No!

When its about slamming a negation to others if it is not going to make anything then it must not mean to break and you know this very well. There is a difference between no and never. You can foresee that if you are not going to say no

You know how to use your veto power and you take it both as duty and right. You exercise your right to the extent that suffice your authority but not to abuse or impose and you exercise it to execute your duties responsibly as in the end you are responsible for calling it or not calling it.

5. You can couple your passion with environment

you know how to work out your passion with the environment, instead of wasting time on altering environment or changing your passion, you change the way you can put your passion at work in given circumstances. You live by the rule that to influence you don’t always have to be inventive at mind but to be innovative and creative using the resources you already have. you know how to blend, flex, bend and change according to circumstances but not forgetting the central objective.

6. You take challenges with a clear vision

You make sure your optimism is not out of ignorance. You are clear in what you are going to achieve and what will help you achieve it.

You recognize the fact that sometimes you have make some ground before you embark on actual mission but you don’t get in unnecessary quarrels just to prove yourself that you are right instead you take out obstructions that is hindering your goal. This saves you ample time to do stuff which is more important than going about things that don’t matter at all and are mere distractions.

You make a dive only when you know you will get up and can fly higher than before. You do take risks but you are good at measuring how much to take and when to take it. Sometimes you avoid risk not because you are afraid of it but because its not going to launch you to higher level or not in the direction you want even if it holds profits. For you purpose is above profits.

7. You know what you don’t know

Everybody has limitations and you not only know them but also accept them. And for that you are always willing to learn even from juniors. you weigh self respect but you don’t let ego take self development away from you. If you can’t do something yourself or simply don’t find it worthy to spend time to learn it you are not shy of taking help from others.

8. You are an in-house institute

You don’t keep your knowledge, skill, experience, ideas and even winning points to yourself. You share them with others. You are not one of those who hold on to something so that they can use it to prove that they are better and above others.

If someone don’t know you are always ready to train them and help them sharpen their skills. This way you not only won and developed another pair of hands to work for you but also save yourself time in the future to train again as now you can use your subordinates to train more people for yourself.

9. You work hard on doing a hard work i.e. to think

You are good at thinking and thus do this most of the time and due to same reason you are clear in your thoughts and resultant of that is clear actions and better decisions. You know so many are relying on you and as you are the brain and they being the brawn, if you find something needs to be fixed in the head you don’t waste time in fixing other stuff especially when you can have it done by someone else.

10. You are bulwark of determination

Even if there is no hope left you remain a beacon of calmness. You are the first through last line of defense, you are weaved through everyone that if someone is shaking you give them support so that they hold their posts. You know there are going to be ups and downs and ride can be a little shaky. You stay on course not because you don’t know how to lose but you don’t want to lose without a fight even if you have to fight alone. You are not arrogant as you already know when to say no!

So what do you find? Don’t have all of them? Well ideally it is found if you have one then most probably you will have others as well or it will come out as your personality evolve so don’t bog down already. But one don’t have to have all of them to be a leader.