Gives total number of working days between two specified days

Syntax of Excel Networkdays formula:

In words:
=Calculate net working days (starting at this date, ending at this date, considering these holidays as well)


This formula is used to determine working calendar days between two dates meaning weekends (and holidays if mentioned) will be excluded.

Holidays argument is optional and it can either be a date, cell or range of cells containing dates. If its left empty then Excel considers there are no holidays and only considers Saturday and Sunday as weekends and determine working days accordingly.

Caution should be taken while mentioning dates. If dates are being hard coded then date figures should be wrapped in quotes. Better way is to use DATE function so that Excel recognize the dates without any problem

Examples of Excel Networkdays formula

If today is February 01, 2016 then following formula

=NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(),TODAY()+30) will return 23 meaning there are only 23 working days in the next 30 days period.

=NETWORKDAYS(“7/7/2016″,”8/6/2016”) will give 22 days.

=NETWORKDAYS(“7/7/2016″,”8/6/2016″,”8/1/2016”) will give 21 days as we are assuming first August as holiday.