Returns the cell being referred in text form

Syntax of Excel INDIRECT formula:
=INDIRECT(ref_text, [a1])

In words:
=Give the value of (cell being referred indirectly to in text form, [in this style])


The arguments of function are explained under:

ref_text: the text that you want to be converted into reference

[a1]: this argument is optional and it is either TRUE or FALSE. TRUE means referencing is in normal A1 style. If false, then referencing is in R1C1 style. If left empty, by default value is TRUE.

INDIRECT function in short fetch the value of cell (if it confirms to Excel rules of cell address) being referred to in text.

Examples of Excel INDIRECT Formula

Excel INDIRECT Function in action: Building a reference to specific Worksheet based on Cell value using Formula

Consider the following situation:

excel indirect function example

If we refer to any cell in column A for example to cell A5 it will return B4 as the result.

excel indirect 1

However, if the same cell is referred to wrapped in INDIRECT function it will return the value of cell B4. Reason is cell A5 will return B4 as the value whereas INDIRECT function will make B4 as a cell reference and thus fetch the value in cell B4 which is 89 in our example

excel indirect 2