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ACCA F8 | Audit and Assurance

FREE Video Lectures in English and Urdu language

Access free ACCA F8 video lectures covering whole syllabus. Just scroll down to your desired topic and watch the video lecture. All free ACCA F8 lectures are in high definition and are viewable in full screen mode.

Our lectures are in English as well as Urdu language. By default our lectures are linked to lectures in English language but if you want to hear it in urdu language then click [urdu] link next to the topic name.

We will be uploading more and more video lectures over the period of time. So, if you have any suggestion then we will be happy to hear you and will consider your input to improve the study material as per your request.

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ACCA F8 | FREE Video Lectures – Full list of topics

  • Audit Framework and Regulations
    • Introduction to Auditing – Basics [ Watch in English | Watch in Urdu ]
      • Revision of Auditing basics and Audit risk with related risks – Part 1 [ Watch in English | Watch in Urdu ]
      • Revision of Auditing basics and Audit risk with related risks – Part 2 [ Watch in English | Watch in Urdu ]
    • Auditing Standards and related Regulations
    • Audit and Ethical requirements
    • Corporate Governance
    • Audit and Ethical requirements
  • Internal Audit
    • Internal Audit
  • Understanding Audit Materiality, Planning, Risk Assessment and Audit Evidence
    • Audit Materiality
    • Audit Planning
    • Audit Evidence
  • Understanding Entity, Environment and its Internal control system – Risk assessment procedures (ISA 315)
    • Understanding Entity and its environment
    • Internal Control System
    • Assessing risk at financial statement and assertion levels
  • Auditor’s responses to assessed risks – Further audit procedures (ISA 330)
    • Understanding how control documents work – Part 1 [ Watch in English | Watch in Urdu ]
    • Tests of Controls
    • Substantive Procedures
    • Audit Sampling
  • Auditor’s Responsibility
    • Auditor’s Responsibility – Fraud
    • Auditor’s Responsibility – Going Concern
    • Auditor’s Responsibility – Subsequent Events
  • Using the Work of others
    • Using the Work of Others – Auditor’s Expert
    • Using the Work of Others – Internal Auditor
  • Audit Review and Auditor’s Report
    • Audit Review
    • Audit Reports