F4 Corporate and Business Law

The Purpose of F4 Corporate and Business Law is to create awareness and to develop knowledge and skills in the understanding of the general legal framework quite specifically areas relating to Contract, Company Law, Tort, Employment laws, Corporate Governance as these are some aspects of the law that will be faced by an individual in the practical field. It will ensure that the person has relevant if not expert knowledge of the law so that when the time comes he / she can make the correct decisions for himself or the company he is employed with and engage in meaningful conversation with the lawyer so as to reach a fair solution. By the end of ACCA F4 students not only gain the evidence that he or she can understand business English but also get a good idea of how the rule of courts, legal system and lawyers. In addition to this students have great insight into how corporations work in legal systems and everything associated with them in legal framework.

Principal Objectives

Among principal aims of this paper, it requires students to learn:

  • Essential Elements of the Legal System
  • Recognition and correct application of the rules of obligations (contract)
  • Employment Law
  • Types and constitutions of business organizations
  • Types of Capital and how companies are financed
  • Management, regulation and administration of companies
  • Legal ramifications of companies in crisis or facing difficulties
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics
Exam Format

The paper consists of SEVEN questions each of TEN marks from across the syllabus AND THREE scenario based questions of TEN marks each. The duration of the paper is 3 Hours

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