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ACCA – F2 Management Accounting, although placed in the knowledge module, comes with a big syllabus and many topics to cover in one exam sitting. Despite the fact that knowledge module usually covers the subject at hand at an introductory level, but ACCA F2 is not just the introductory subject instead it will be correct if we say that it provides a huge push to understand later subjects like ACCA F5. Students are advised to prepare this subject with great depth and practice the content to a good extent before sitting in exam.

Principal Objectives
The toughest subject considered among students in knowledge module and as said earlier in introduction, no doubt it is. ACCA F2 requires the students to know the following after completing ACCA F2:
  • Students should understand the requirements of management and must get familiar about the ways to extract relevant information and the communication channels.
  • Due to growing involvement of computer systems in supporting management decision making process and must acquire the basics about the hardwares and especially the softwares that can help in producing reports for management purposes e.g. spreadsheet softwares and other application softwares
  • Understand the concept of cost and expense from the grass root level and then comparing the cost accounting with financial accounting to properly understand the standing and importance of cost and management accounting in the present day business environment.
  • Learn the costing techniques starting from the basic concept of accumulating material, labour and overhead costs and then applying costing techniques and ability to point out which costing technique is appropriate in a particular situation
  • How planning and budgeting gets involved in management roles and how it is dealt with in cost accounting and the various ways by which managers can trace and control deviations from expected results.
  • Extending the knowledge of costing technique and applying them for decision making purposes and how management makes decision using quantitative decision making techniques.
  • Understanding the concept of relevant cost and how it can enable the mangers to reach profit ensuring decisions.
Exam Format

ACCA – F2 is examined through Computer Based Examination (CBE) or Paper Based Exam. Each paper contains 50 two-marks questions. Format of questions will of varying nature i.e. they can be multiple type, multiple response, number entry etc.
Questions will be covering both computational and discursive aspects of the subject and to pass students are required to secure 50% marks.

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