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In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Welcome to Pakistan’s first resourceful website for accountancy students all around the world.

We are confident that our small push in the right direction and with your help we will be able to provide the ever required a solid platform right from the land rich in accountancy education – Pakistan, to every student studying accounting related subjects, courses or qualification in the world.

Our mission is to bring such teachers and students to light who are full of talent and has loads of secrets, techniques, tips and short-cuts up their sleeves which they learnt through experience and want to share all this to other fellow members but were unable to do so until now.

PakAccountants is NOT just for seekers but also for providers. Those individuals who want to teach, either for free or paid, are equally welcome. We will put every resource at our disposal to provide you with the environment that is not only feasible for teaching but also the most flexible.

Giving the equal attention to students around the world we have established a platform capable of catering the every increasing and diverse needs of students all around the world. Whether it be self-study students, students attending classes at different institutes, students doing distance-learning or who are just embarking on their accountancy journey, PakAccountants provide you with all the resources, information, tools and people you need with you.

Bringing the accountancy out of the books and for the first time giving its due respect and accepting it as a global phenomena, PakAccountants is going to make accountancy to be a part of your social life. Through its user friendly groups and forums you cannot just ask questions you can socialize. Make friends, tell others that your opinion matters – like or dislike at your will, start a discussion, have your say whather others are discussing, feel satisfied by helping others, find students, teach online and earn, make your own schedules or let others decide, pick a whole course or just teach one section or chapter. In short, you can do whatever you can imagine.

Welcome to PakAccountants.com!


  1. Im failing to download files from yous site.im studying f5 and f8int.if possible can someone send through my email,anything suitable.

  2. Can someone tell me why I can access any of the C4 resources??

  3. All the sections of website starting soon

    • Waiting to have other sections UP and RUNNING!

    • Thanks.
      I want to help. what is folio in accounting?

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