What are different inventory valuation methods?

There are numerous valuation techniques to value the inventory or stock. However, here is the short list of those which are known. To learn more about each method, click the name!

  1. Specific identification method
  2. FIFO – First in, First out method
  3. LIFO – Last in, First out method
  4. HIFO – Highest in, First out
  5. NIFO – Next in, First out
  6. Retail price method
  7. Standard cost method
  8. Replacement cost method
  9. LISH – Last in, Still here method
  10. FISH – First in, Still here method
  11. Simple average method
  12. Periodic simple average
  13. Weighted average method
  14. Periodic weighted average method
  15. Gross profit method
  16. LCM – Lower of cost or market value method

If you any inventory valuation method which is not listed here then let us know by writing in the comment box below.