A VERY different use of Excel – Tatsuo Horiuchi makes paintings in worksheets


We all know what Excel is really made for and with all the features, functions and shortcuts its one amazing tool to make good of your information and users hardly regret using Microsoft Excel.

However, 75 years old Tatsuo Horiuchi has came up with completely novel use of Excel. He is making paintings!

I can imagine someone using Excel built-in shapes tool to come up with something interesting but to use it full time for making traditional Japanese art pieces surely is a head turner. I must admit that I tried to imagine without looking at his work how it might look and I was no where near in imagining his creativity and attention to detail.

Going through Tatsuo’s online portfolio I found some of his excellent artwork all made up in Excel. He also sell his tutorials on how to do it on CDs and even have free tutorials, but to catch up completely you need to learn Japanese language as well or at least a translator with you.

Following are some of the images from his website with all the love and inspiration.


Courtesy: Tatsuo’s Official website

Look at how detailed this tutorial is.

Helping you step by step and how to add petals and then stalk and then leafs and then how to add them together to give a perfect flower look. And the most amazing part is that it is all made up in Excel.

Well the only thing I am regretting in this picture is Japanese language. Hope I wasn’t deficient in this language. I am pretty sure Mr. Tatsuo is proud of his language too 🙂

Well he must be proud of making this art out of Excel that no one else has mastered to match his talent.

Art pieces:

I will save the words to let the pictures speak on their own and let you decide that if you were not told that it is made in Excel then would it be guessed? I wasn’t that lucky when I was asked

Courtesy: spoon-tomago.com
Courtesy: Kotaku.com

And he is the man responsible for pulling out such an amazing pieces of art using your favourite business software Microsoft Excel