What are the minimum entry requirements to start ACCA?


Admission criteria or minimum entry requirements to get admission in ACCA qualification are different from country to country. However, the general requirements provided by ACCA are as follows:

  • 2 A levels; AND
  • 3 GCSEs or equivalent

If you qualify this minimum requirement then you can start ACCA straight from F1 i.e. knowledge module.

But as educational system is different from country to country therefore, ACCA also had to specify minimum entry requirements separately. To know the minimum requirements for you country please consult this file.

In this file you will get the conditions you need to fulfill before you are eligible to start ACCA directly.

In case you do not qualify the minimum entry requirements then you have number of options i.e. you can complete the minimum education that is needed for ACCA or go for such certificates that are recognized by ACCA.

ACCA also provide solutions in such cases. You can start entry level qualifications that ACCA is offering like Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) and on its completion you will be eligible to start ACCA and even can claim exemptions from ACCA subjects if you fulfill additional conditions.